Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fu Le Restaurant, Haikou

First day lunch was at Fu Le Restaurant, located just at the next lane on the left side of our hotel. Our tour guide recommended us to try the (文昌鸡) Wen Chang Chicken at this restaurant, according to him it's the famous chicken here. This type of chicken need to rare for 8 to 9 mths and feed them the specialty products of Hainan such as Hainan Ye Si (shredded coconut), peanut bran, rice bran, such as rice balls, hence the chicken taste different and whiter meat.

First dish, we orded the infamous Wen Chang one whole chicken. As you can see, the chicken head is present! Also with my favourite blood, chicken blood. haha I have eaten some pork blood, but chicken blood is my first time. We dig our chopsticks into the chicken meat and get the taste of it. Ah! It was cold, not even warm! We're not sure whether they serve the chicken this way. The meat was kinda hard for us. Now I remembered we were suppose to eat and dip the meat into a sauce which has lime and garlic juice. Still mayb the taste is different but we are not used to eating cold, hard meat and it was bloody as well. I was checking the customers sitting at the next table around the restaurant, no hints of complaining of their chicken dish. It was full house in this restaurant. So conclusion, we are not used to their cooking on this chicken dish then. :)

This is fried clear noodle with bitter gourd. This is tasty.

This is ye chai. It looks similar as one of the vege dish from Sabah. My first time eating this, nice and start to loving it.

Claypot brinjals with salted fish. This dish a little too salty for me.

If anyone visit Hainan, must try Qingdao beer. Its the local famous beer.

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