Monday, October 25, 2010

Vietnamese cuisine -Sao Nam

"While Vietnamese food has long been appreciated in France, the former colonial power, U.S. residents are only beginning to discover its many fine features. Vietnamese chefs like to refer to their cooking as "the nouvelle cuisine of Asia." And indeed, with the heavy reliance on rice, wheat and legumes, abundance of fresh herbs and vegetables, minimal use of oil, and treatment of meat as a condiment rather than a main course, Vietnamese food has to be among the healthiest on the planet. " - History of Vietnamese Food.

Another weekend grocery shopping in Jaya Grocer @ Empire. We ended up trying the newly opened Sao Nam. The first time I tried at the other branch in Hartamas, heard they have closed down and moved here.

Statue of Ho Chi Minh

Lotus fragrant tea, my 2nd favourite tea. Simply love the smell and taste of it.

Red Noodle ( Cao lau pho xua < Hoi An) - RM18
A Hanoi dish, passed down from the Imperial court of Vietnam. Dry flat noodle (hor fun type) topped with mince prawns, chicken and crushed sesame crackers. Yummy... and it comes with a bowl of prawn soup, should be taken after every mouthful of noodles. Quite an interesting dish, and am pretty happie that the ingredients are very fresh that made this a superb dish! Beef salad noodle RM18
Beef with thin rice vermicelli and topped with chopped spring onions. My Mr had this, he is very particular with the texture and taste of the beef. This turns out well for him, as the beef is tender and blends all well together.

Caramel custards in pumpkin (Banh Flan Bi ) RM18
We can't help to order this as our dessert. Actually we were so full in the stomach, but our eyes keep seeing every table has this pumpkin dessert and our greedy minds can't stop telling us to try it. Though is a bit pricey, but worth the try. Silky smooth texture, rich and milky caramel blends well with the pumpkin taste.

Restaurant Sao Nam
Empire Shopping Gallery
Imperial Vietnamese Cuisine

Jalan 16/1, SS16,
47500 Subang Jaya,

Friday, October 22, 2010

Herbal Jelly @ SS2

After reading Estica Loves Food blog on this particular herbal jelly shop. I decided to go try their herbal jelly. She was right about this place! Restaurant Choong Kok Wah Tua Guan serves quality herbal jelly and other chinese herb drinks.

A humble-looking shop in SS2, same row as 99 speedmart.

A glimpse of the menu.

Wild Ginseng and Snow Frog RM5
We thought we might not taste the ginseng, but we were wrong. Very worth it for such price, they were not stingy on the snow frogs. Refreshing!

Normal herbal jelly RM5
The texture is smooth, strong taste of herbal jelly compare to the one I've frequented.
Do not worry on the bitterness, they give you a pot of honey on the side. :)

Choong Kok Hua Tua Guan 中国华佗馆
Address: 13, Jalan SS2/55, 47300 Petaling Jaya.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Milwaukee Steak House @ USJ19 City Mall

My 2nd visit to Milwaukee Steak House @ USJ 19 City Mall. I didn't blog about it the first time, so I'll do it now. This steak house usually packed during dinner hour, and its renowned for serving the best steak in town with affordable price. The owner Mr Choo had opened 3 Choo had opened three outlets, in Kepong, KLCC, and the Petaling Jaya Harley Davidson showroom. The headquarters was at Belakong.

Milwaukee style of decor and decorated the walls and interior with Harley Davidson pictures and memorabilia.

Colorful stained glass hanging light.

Oriental Chicken Chop, nicely cooked, crispy on the outer part and the side dishes is good too. My frend comented this dish was good and satisfying.

Another frend who ordered this dish. I've forgotten the exact name, think is roasted chicken wing. Her rating for this dish was just so so.

Am having the yummy Chicken Cordon Bleu!! The best dishes out of 3!

Check out the inner fillings with oozing melting cheese and ham!

Very satisfying meal for me!

The best fresh orange juice I've ever had! Worth-your-money fruit juice served here! Only RM6, am sure it takes many oranges to make this one glass.

Milwaukee Steak House
G18, USJ19 City Mall,
Jalan Persiaran Kewajipan,
47620 Subang Jaya
03- 80239803

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Color lenses

I have been wearing color lenses for almost half a year. So this post is about my experience with color lenses.

Geo 2 Tone Nudy Grey
Code: CH625

Natural grey color with a hint of light blue under the sunlight. Unfortunately, this picture didn't show that. It has enlarging effect on my eyes, and comfortable too. Natural for daily wear.

Princess Nudy Violet

It was uncomfortable, and sting my eyes when first time wearing them. So, I removed them and soak with my solution for a nite before wearing them. After that, no irration occur. This lenses made my eyes super huge, as the diameter is 14.7mm. I reckon that the violet color is too striking under bright daylight. So I prefer wearing them at evening/night, when they don't look so violet but brownish in color.

Honey Wing Series
OL104 - Ash wing

This lenses are grey in color with a thick black outer rim, so it makes the pupil more prominent. Inside the rim, it has a hint of blue greenish color under different daylight. It's pretty fun to wear this lens, as the color differs under different light. This is my most favourite comfy color lense. In this picture, I added falsies to compliments the lenses, top with Coffret D'or shimmer green eye shadows. Oh, isn't my brows pretty and neat? I had them style at Shu Uemura counter! :)

There is one more color lens which is honey color (OL103) from Honey wing series, which I've forgotten to snap picture in it. It didnt make much difference on my eyes, coz it has the same color as my eyes. So my next buy, I will only pick color lens which differs from my original eye color.

I bought my color lenses from these 2 blogs: Miss Lens and Classic Geo Lens

Kao Brand - Liese Bubble Hair Dye

Am sure you have come across this advert on TV. This surely caught my eyes.

DIY hair due now is easy and fun with bubbles!

LIESE (pronounced as “lee-zay”) is the No.1 Styling Brand in Japan!

I just bought another Liese Hair dye color from SASA @ Curve yesterday. They're having promotion now, it's RM37.80, not much different from the normal price which is RM38, but it came with a FREE polka dots cape!!!

Instructions on how to use on the back of the packaging.

Isn't it pretty? It looks like the one in the Liese advert. :)

In the past I have bought 2 Liese hair dye, including Casis Berry and Chestnut Brown color and now the most recent Ash Brown and Liese Juicy Hair Shower. Mind u, the bubble hair dye might not able to cover silver hair.

Juicy hair shower - RM31.80
Smells like berry mist!!

Liese Juicy Shower is a natural berry shower mist that gives hair a quick boost of moisture anytime, anywhere. It is uniquely formulated with raspberry extract to instantly quench dry, rough, and damaged hair and smoothen all frizziness. Hair will become smoother and softer over time with HBT (Hair Beautifying Techonology). The refreshing berry scented water-base spray invigorates senses with every spray while enabling a fuss-free quick fix to the hair.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Louis Vuitton Trunks and Toys

Top luxury brand Louis Vuitton is holding a Trunks and Toys Exhibition with pieces from its musuem in Paris. Rare LV trunks and some antique toys from the Vuitton's personal collection were shipped from Paris to Manila (the last-stop exhibition in July) and now Gardens @ Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur from 2nd - 17th Oct 2010.

The exhibition also brought in several poetic images by Jean Larivière, the legendary French photographer commissioned by Louis Vuitton for brand’s catalogue in 1978.

Bed Trunk circa 1885

Ostrich and Cart circa 1889

1930 Porter

Gentleman’s Leather Courrier circa 1900

Closer look of this beautiful vintage trunk! Lurve!

Monogrammed Cabin Trunk circa 1914

Am in lurve with LV trunks than handbags!! Can I take home these?? :P
Took these pictures after a late nite movie in Mid Valley.
Go catch the exhibition and check out the newly opened LV shop at Ground floor,
Gardens @ Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur.

Robot Popping Dance!

Today while i was shopping @ Tangs Empire Subang, suddenly next to me a guy with jacket and dark glasses started to move his body like a robot and dance to the beat in robot popping style. This is also one of the street dance style. Some info from wikipedia: It is based on the technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk in the dancer's body, referred to as a pop, tick or a hit. This is done continuously to the rhythm of a song in combination with various movements and poses.

Most customers including me find this amazing, and would stop our shopping and enjoy the show. I think this idea is interesting, Tangs is providing some entertainment for their customers to enjoy, in conjunction with their Anniversary Sale. Brilliant! I saw some of the customers started to take pictures and film the dancers. There are only 2 dancers, started from lower floor then proceed to the 2nd floor.

I have upload a video of the dancers in Tangs Empire. Check it out!

It's funny and what a co-incident that I saw this robot dance performance happened in Tangs right infront of my eyes. Becoz last nite I watched Step UP in 3D in MV!! I was totally thrilled by the dance moves and great dancers in it. Thanks to my best frend who kept telling me how great was the movie and told me to watch it. I must say Step Up is one of the best dance movie ever, must watch in 3D!! the way, both Rick Malambri and Chadd Smith is oh so charming! Chadd Smith's robot dance is so darn cool!! Go go go watch it before it's gone.

One of my favourite dance scene when Chadd Smith do the robot rock! Awesome!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie

I was craving for a hearty breakfast on a Saturday morning. So we decided to head down to KL, to taste this scrumptious pastries in Levain Boulangerie Patisserie. Since after reading Jean's blog reviews on this patisserie, I have been dying to visit them.

This patisserie is tucked away in the quiet street of Jalan Delima, same row as Noble House chinese restaurant and next to Fukuya Japanese Restaurant. The outlook of Levain Boulangerie looks like a classy french bungalow. Levain Boulangerie Patisserie is owned and managed by Beryl’s Chocolate & Confectionery Sdn Bhd.

Already packed with customers on a Saturday at 11am. There are 3 dining areas: indoor dining area, outdoor al-fresco dining area, and a dining room upstairs. We like the al-fresco dining.

Variety of breads, but some were sold out! But they will restock them, since they will be baking fresh bread all day long. I can imagine the kitchen must be very busy.

Varieties of cakes!! I wanna try'em all!

Turkey and Egg RM3.20
These are super NICE and YummieEE!

From top right clockwise: Mini turkey ham and egg sandwich (RM5), Mushroom and turkey crispy pizza (RM4.80), Mango cheese tart (RM4.30), Peanut butter french (RM2.80).
I love the mushroom and turkey crispy pizza, like its name is really crispy and crunchy! The mango cheese tart is great too, am personally love tarts with thin layer of pastry crust. All freshly baked unlike the ones you buy from bakery.

Mini Ham and Egg sandwich.

Caramel French RM2.80

Beef bacon, scrambled eggs, sausage and toast RM9.50
This is what I'd called a hearty breakfast! :)

Coco crunch Rm3.30

Beef curry donut RM3.80

Milk chocolate cheesecake RM9
Cream cheese and milk chocolate topped with white chocolate mousse.

Noisette RM8.50
Chocolate and mocha mousse layered with roasted hazelnuts as a crusty base.
Both dessert taste yummie!

Location map
Valet parking RM2, or park alongside of the road.
No7, Jalan Delima,
Off Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2142 6611
Opens daily 8am -8pm.
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