Monday, October 4, 2010

1 Stop Cafe 大家乐咖啡店 @ Jalan Ipoh

1 Stop Cafe 大家乐咖啡店 is a modern classic Hainanese coffee shop tucked away in the corner shop lot of Jalan Balam, just Off Jalan Ipoh Batu-3, Kuala Lumpur. The business runs for 3 generations, the founder - Mr. Heng Teng Lee. Today, his grandson with 3 different chefs experienced in different gourmet styles, they revamped the look and also the menu of the shop. They still serves the old time Hainanese delicacy with a fusion of Western and Oriental touch.

One of their signature dish is the pumpkin pie 南瓜饼 (RM3.50), a finger food with a delectable steamed pumpkin filling with a crispy outer pumpkin shell coated with bread, crafted to look-like a pumpkin fruit. Very filling after eatin this.

Tortilla 多弟啦烧饼(RM3.50), a must try light snack. The tortilla skin is made of thin outer layer of omelette wrapped around the filling of cheese and chicken ham cooked in char siu sauce. One bite on it, the cheese oozing out from the tortilla, yummie!

Lobak chicken 五香卤肉 (RM3.50)
Taste very home cook for this dish, lightly fried with thin layer of skin on the outer part. Personally i do not like lobak which has thicker outer layer skin. This suits my taste. The chili sauce that comes with it blends deliciously.

Lala Clam Fried Beehoon 啦啦炒米粉 (RM7.50)
Am a fan of Beehoon. I love this dish very much, the baby lala and prawns are fresh. Not too strong seafood smell in this beehoon. Not too salty either.

Anchovies Seafood Fried Rice 银鱼海鲜炒饭 (RM5.90)
A decent homely cook style, not too salty or strong seafood smell in this fried rice.

Pear and Sea Coconut 雪梨海底椰 (RM4.50)
From first glance, the clear liquid gives us the thought this might be tasteless. We were wrong, the dessert is not tasteless at all! They were not stingy with their ingredients at all. Look at the spoonful of sea coconuts, chinese almond nuts, pears and dates etc give out the sweetness in the dessert.

1 Stop Cafe also has an extensive list of natural juices and smoothies that was thoroughly researched and tested by Heng and the chefs.

Digestive Tonic 神采飞扬 (RM5.90)
Made up of carrot, pear and apple.
Triple Milk Tea 三宝奶茶 (RM3.80)

Glimpse of the sweet dessert and health soup menu.

Overall, the food here is reasonable priced, and taste like decent homely cook dishes with no or less MSG. If you have a strong taste bud, you might not enjoy your meals here. I would go back to try their hand-roasted coffee on my next visit.

1 Stop Cafe
No 2, Jalan Balam,
Batu 3 Jalan Ipoh,
51100, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-4042 6880
Business Hours: Opens daily from 11am - 11pm


Isabel said...

ahhaah! the pumpkin pie so cute =)

Doroshi said...

Isabel: Yes it is, and the food here is cheap!

JS said...

Doroshi, thanks for the post and Like!

gt said...

This restaurant has gone through a facelift especially the toilet, it is so green, clean, cool.... and awesome. found it in the youtube

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