Monday, May 31, 2010

Youth'10 - Malaysia Largest Youth Festival

The Youth'10 festival started from 28th - 30th May 2010 @ PWTC , KL.
Featuring 6 festivals, 5 conference tracks, 3 music conerts, and over 170 events.
Today I was there with Miu to grab some goodies and explore. Reach there around 4pm. The que was not long, only need to show my maybank card at the registration desk, then I get the pass to get in and a booklet for FREEE!! (there is a page for you to redeem Laneige sleeping pack!)

Was at the Cosmo and Cleo booth, the Cleo goodie bag has so little things compare to last 2 days, you can check Miu's blog on the goodie, maybe goodies has gone out of stock on the 3rd day. The goodie bag consist of a Darlie toothpaste, Senscience hair deep nourishing conditioner, oh and a free 2 week pass coupon to True Fitness. See tje queue was so long, we need to register on their cleo website using their laptop inorder to get the goodie bag.

Libresse, a new brand in town...for gal's use only, you gals should check it out. :)

Went to Laniege booth. Laneige sleeping pack 30ml, and one small bottle of skin refiner and a emulsion, with some sachets samples..

Also redeemed 2 pairs of contact lenses from another pair of Air Optix lenses that last a month, and a one-day color lense from Fresh Look in pure hazel color. :)

After that, we went over to the Bazaar section...thats when i started to spend a sucker for accessories.

Stumbled upon this lovely accessories booth named "allkinds-of-everything".
Bought tis lovely vintage Carousel necklace, RM25. The owner has a blog, you can check her site here. I love all her handmade accessories, it suits my style. Am lookin forward for a necklace which comes with a birdcage in 3D form, not the flat type. She also sells some lovely necklace comes with lockets which looks so vintage!! :)

Miu also intro me to this accessories booth name Sparknique. Lovely cupcake, pastries ear rings, necklace they have. I am so lovin the sparkly bling bling diamante owl ear rings! This gotta wear it at nite! :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cupcake Ear-rings!

Just a short note on my recent online purchase from Little Maketto.
I have bought 2 pair of ear rings from her. When I receive them. The ear rings were carefully wrapped and the owner of Little Maketto - Min, she also wrote a short massage on the back of her name card. :)
Nice! Aren't this ear rings cute??

Love-an-orange-cupcake ear rings, only at RM16. Another pair is in light pink color.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fukuharu restaurant , Terrace @ Hock Choon

I have been waiting to get my hands on this wonderful place. Terrace @ Hock Choon, featuring 4 restaurants, 3 bars & a cafe serving ILLY coffee. Fukuharu is one of the restaurant serving Japanese food located at the ground floor.

The place i seated overlooks a zen-like garden. Even the restaurant itself has the serene and calm atmosphere. I love this place immediately. Behind the trees, there is a poolside bar, but is no longer opened.

The waiter handed us the menu, and brought along this wooden blackboard to show us the menu of the day! :) Cute!

I ordered a Fukuharu Set lunch - RM38. It came with a starter - salad shown in pic below...i find it too salty for my liking. Cawanmushi is so good, very smooth egg texture.

Chef Omakase - Clam soup!! RM40
The clams are Huge and very fresh, goes well with the clear soup.

My set lunch - consist of some sushi assortment with salmon sashimi, scallop and prawn wrapped with fried potato skin, clams, and unagi pieces in the cocktail glass. Tempura with Udon soup is superb! The udon is springy and non-soggy.

Ends with a plate of fruits, now am feelin very full and satisfied.

Next, an afternoon coffee or margarita at the Cafe @ Terrace, located in the centre of the garden. Love this place too, looks like a glasshouse! So that you could sip your Illy coffee or Margarita while enjoying the view from the inside while enjoying the coolin air-conditioned on such hot afternoon day.

Alternatively, you could also enjoy the sun and coffee the same time sitting outside the Terrace over looking the pool.

I love this place, would like to come back to try another restaurant which serves Indochin food. Would recommend friends to come by here, as their service is great and food is fresh.

Address: 241-B Lorong Nibong off Jalan Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
(Behind Hock Choon Supermarket & opposite SuCasa Hotel)

Call or SMS: +60 (17) 209.8477

Open 7 days a week, from 8:00am to at least 10:30pm, including public holidays

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Clinique - Passport to pretty event

Found this event @ Miu's blog. I was out in 1utama yesterday, found their roadshow just right outside Charles and Keith's shop.

A malay male consultant attend to me, ask a series of question concerning my face. One of the question, he asked that if I did not apply sunblock, did my face feel red or turn darker the day itself or next day. I told him i never go out without my sunblock, but he asked again what if?....hmm..

Anyway, he concluded my skin is dry/combination type, but lack of water. So he intro me the basic 3-step skincare system frm Clinique which suits my skin. He did a demo of all the following products on my hand.

Step 1: Cleansing soap liquid: mild

Step 2: Clarifyin lotion no.2
This one works as toner and also act as first layer exfoliate. According to the consultant, double exfoliate - scrub. He said we should exfoliate using tis toner twice a day, so the next step = moisturiser can be fully absorb to the skin.

Step 3: Dramatically different - moisturising lotion
I did see a dramatic result on 2 hands, one hand of mine has exfoliate, and put on this moisturiser, is very fast absorbing..only a few rubs/ massage into the hand.
Another hand, without exfoliate, when apply the moisturiser, needed to massage more so it takes longer time to absorb into the skin. Therefore, a exfoliate skin, will get deeper penetration of the moisturiser.

After the basic 3 step skincare, he introduced a 3 whitening products. They are Derma white Brightening Essence, Micro-motion C- Serum, and Derma White Sunblock.

This Micro motion C serum - it has rollers on it, for you to massage the serum into the spots/pigmentation area.

Derma white sunblock.

This is an additional add-on for my dehydration skin. One of Clinique's best seller - Moisture Surge, the texture is quite watery, and not oily, suitable for thirsty skin like mine.

Lastly, I asked him to show me one of their talk of the town long lasting lip balm which most runway models used for their chap lips. He showed me this lip treatment superbalm, this is not in their cosmetic range, but under their skincare range. This little tube cost RM50, good things comes in small quantity??

I tried the lip treatment, always have chapped lips on the upper lip. I prefer this than Kiehl's lip balm, tis is not as oily as Kiehl's, pretty uncomfy feelin on my lips.probably the texture. Clinique's lip treatment has lip gloss shiny effect and well moisturised.

At the end of the consultation, I was handed a Clinique mini lipstick in twighlight nude color. The color is similar to a peach color.

The Loaf, Empire Subang Gallery

Left: UFO - chocolate chips with almond nuts croissant.
Top: Magazine - 4 pieces of french choc and fresh belgium butter in the croissant.
Right: Chilli Foccacia - A traditional Italian bread with bits of chopped chili, black sesame seeds and herbs

Am havin lunch w my besties, Joan and Cher @ Empire Subang Gallery today. Before we decided on where to eat, we were already spying on the UFO's, one of our latest bread obsession @ The Loaf. Oh Thank God, they are there! 2 full baskets of UFO on the bread counter. It was completely sold out when I was there last few weeks. So this time, am gonna make sure I have a handful. Well...i only get 5 la...not so greedy. One lady next to me took 10 of them. Tsk tsk tsk....

Anyway, The Loaf having some promotion for this month. If you are a member, you only pay 99cents per UFO, normal price is RM2.80. One member get to buy 10 UFOs per day only. Chili Foccacia - RM1.99 after discout, Magazine - RM2.85 after 50% discount, lucky my fren has member card, so I don't need to pay so much. All total paid: RM10.30

Finally got my bite on the UFO, I thought the outer layer look pretty hard texture will be hard as a rock. But no, it's not! It's medium soft and take one bite of the bread with choc chips and almond nuts is so addictive, I so wanted to eat the rest of the UFO at one go...but i have to control, gona keep some for my guy. haha. I like the taste of it, well balance of sweet and with a hint of bitter taste. Can't wait to try the rest of other different breads.

Click flyer above for larger read - May promotion.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tyro Boutique New Outlet Opening!

I have heard about TYRO boutique in Telawi street in Bangsar, above TM shop. Never, got the chance to check out their boutique in Bangsar. But will check out their new outlet @ USJ Taipan tis coming Sunday! All are welcome to visit the boutique and get free flow caramel popcorns! Plus discount up to 50% for selected items!

Tyro boutique is prety indifferent from other boutiques as this one features on Japanese style clothings, and they also have beautiful gowns and dresses too!! Now we know where to look for our dinner dresses. The boutique owner assures me that their boutique sells only one piece for each style, so each piece is unique and limited edition for customer's selections.

You also can join TYRO in facebook, click here.

Visit their new outlet!
Date: 23/5/2010 (Sunday)
Time: 11am onwards
Venue: Tyro boutique, 20, Jln USJ 10/1E, Taipan, Subang Jaya, 47620, Selangor.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Amante Body Massage

Not long ago, Miu's blog posted an entry on Amante Nail Spa and Body Care @ Solaris, Mt Kiara, new branch opening special - free trial for first-timers! I went to their opening register and pick the 30 mins free trial aromatherapy body massage. Another priviledge for first timers - you get to buy another treatment voucher at 70% off! I bought the 90mins Aromatherapy body massage voucher @ RM35. What a steal!

I remembered they assigned me a China masseuse for me on the first trial - aromatherapy body massage. The massage was fine, but i find that her pressure quite strong though am the person could stand pain. My neck and back usually feel pain when massage. The masseuse commented that the problem may caused from stress or prolong sitting (I think tis may be true as my profession requires me to sit for hours). She is pretty keen "softens" my stress point at my back, end up I went home with some pain on my neck and back.

Today, I went back for my 2nd aromatherapy body massage which last for 90 mins. This time the massage is longer than the first time, and is kinda different from the first trial. My masseuse is a malay lady, she is very good, the way she massage is very consistent and there is no long pauses or rush moment. I feel very relaxed under her massage, the pressure is medium, something about her massage and the process she do it, I have to say i Love it! It makes me falls asleep after that. That's a wonderful massage I must say. Again, the most tense point is still at my back and neck. Sigh....

After the massage, they served me hot ginger tea! So refreshin! For our 2nd return customers, there's another deal Amante offers - 30% off on any treatment which cost above 100RM. So i chose Relaxing body scrub & Jacuzzi milk bath @ 68.60RM after discount! I love such offers provided by Amante, as am not the person who would sign up a series of treatments package.

Check out their other branches here.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mee Siam - My Favourite Lunch

Am a super fan of bee hoon (rice vermicelli), espeically Mee Siam. Mee Siam is a dish of thin rice noodles/vermicelli cook in spicy, sweet and sour gravy. It is one of the popular dish in Singapore and Malaysia. There is 2 way of cookin it, either stir fry noodles to "dry" version, or gravy version. I myself prefer the dry type.

It is a pure Nyonya speciality dish that is now prepared by all races, prepared with slight variation in ingredients. I remember i had the best mee siam at Jusco One Utama takeaway food section. Where they placed together with other packed food in thin plastic container such as nasi lemak, fried mee goreng, fried rice etc.

Since I have this big craze for mee siam. I decided to at least cook this for my lunch. Yesterday was my first attempt to cook this dish, today i tried it again and is better than yesterday. I would like to share my simplified version of recipe here then. This is for one serving.

1/4 packet of rice vermicelli
3 shallots thinly sliced
1 stalk chives cut into 2 or 3cm length
3 prawns peeled or unpeeled
1 carrot
2 mushrooms
a handful of beansprouts
1 egg

3 tablesppon of Mee siam paste/ tamarind paste
1 lime squeezed
3 tablespoon of water

First heat oil in a flat pan or wok in medium heat. Fried the shallots, carrots, mushroom, for about 4 mins, then add in prawns fry till turn slightly red, then add in rice vermicelli and beansprouts fry for another few minutes, then add in the sauce. Stir the sauce well before pouring them into the pan. Toss well make sure the sauce get to most of the rice vermicelli, add in the chives. Dash some salt to taste. Garnish with hard boiled eggs, cut halves. This was my first attempt cooking.
First attempt mee siam
Today, my 2nd attempt on cookin this dish but with slight variation, garnished with omelette strips and fried sausages. This time i cooked more rice vermicelli since I gona served 2 person. My guy, the typical meat person, must have in his meals. We were running out of chicken meat, so he added the fried sausages, though not my preference. Oh well...ignore the fried sausages, the noodles has better spicy n sour flavour than yesterday's. You can add on small teaspoon of sambal belacan at the side to go with your noodles. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones"

You must be curious why a smartphone can be a dumbphone??

I have a few reasons to answer that:

Some people who own smartphones such as Iphone, Blackberry, HTC, doesnt even know how to make full use of the applications, there are so many things you could do with your smartphone, checking your share market prices, stock exchanges, weather forecasts, CNN news, watch youtube, the best is last minute online booking for movie tickets is so darn convenient to cut the queues. But how they use their smartphone is to call and text only. There goes the poor smartphone become a dumbphone.

When ask them how come they don't use it for better use? When you can also twitter and facebookin by updating your status and reply to comments anywhere at anytime. One of my frend reply to me "you think am so super rich to surf the net with my smartphone?" But are rich enough to buy the smartphone!

Luckily, Digi came up with a plan which makes your smartphone act as a smartphone with a smarter plan for smarter people! Check out the Digi smart plan!

With Digi smart plan just need to pay 68RM per month to have unlimited access to internet, anywhere at anytime you can be online to check your important mails, and not missed any great deals and be the first to know everything while stay connected!

I wish i could win one of the smartphone from digi and sign up their smart plan and be one smart person who make full use of her smartphone!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ecoparadise - Anti-Oxidant Hot Bed Therapy

Last Tuesday afternoon, I was quite free. I was checking on the mirror notice i have dull skin and dark circles and eye bags result from lack of sleep the night before, as the weather so hot it kinda disturb my sleep.

A fren's recommendation, I finally tried something new which is the Anti-oxidant hot bed therapy at Ecoparadise Anti-oxidant Rejuvenation Therapy Centre, Ss15, Subang Jaya. They have few branches here in Malaysia, originated from Japan. Since they have promotion now for first timer, 3 sessions for 48rm! What a steal!

First i paid up at the counter, then they direct me to the locker room, and dress in their yukata. Then directed me to the hot bed therapy room and not forget to bring in a water tumbler provided by them which contains anti-oxidant water to drink. It felt like a sauna room, but the difference is the temperature is being control at a level and without increasing. I only needed to be in there for 45 mins, i had the room all by myself, accompany by soft music. She also said since am first timer, i could stay until 30 mins, but i manage to stay till 40 mins.

The lady asked me to put the long towel on the hot therapy bed, which is on the dark chocolate tiles, and the small towel on top of the wooden block to rest my head. Asked me to drink the water from the tumbler if I get thirsty.

For the first 15 mins, I felt quite hot but after that my body kinda accustomed to the heat. I don't feel that hot anymore, but am still continue sweating especially on my face and neck, and my hands, surprisingly my legs none. I don't feel suffocating inside the room. Which is good, usually I'm quite rejected to sauna, becoz i cant stand the heat, and I remembered once i stand at the entrance of the sauna, i could immediately felt my skin is burning n cracking.

After 40 mins, I came out of the room feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Seated at the hallway waiting to be cool down, when a gal served me a small cup of very refreshing enzyme drink. After coolin down for 20 mins or more, went shower. The shower room equipped with filtered water and "anti-oxidant liquid soap" can be use as shampoo and body shampoo, very light weight texture liquid.

After the shower, i checked on the mirror notice my face skin was not dull anymore and dark circles miraculously disappeared. My face skin brightens like someone who has enough sleep and water and energy! My hands and legs skin turned out smooth even without lotion. Lastly I felt my body so much lighter walking out from the shop feeling extremely relaxed.Here are some information I gathered at the Ecoparadise Anti-oxidant Rejuvenation Therapy Center. They utilize cutting edge technologies newly developed by Japanese laboratories, and it is the first of its kind to be established outside of Japan.

Here are some information I've taken from Becklee's blog about Ecoparadise Anti-oxidant Rejuvenation Therapy Center.

"They utilize cutting edge technologies newly developed by Japanese laboratories, and it is the first of its kind to be established outside of Japan.

Using breakthrough techniques, a process has been developed whereby a concentrated anti-oxidant solution derived from friendly micro-organisms is impregnated into building materials. Utilizing a unique construction process, the Center operates on a principle similar to a Roman caldarium, whereby hot water piped beneath the anti-oxidant treated tiles heats up the tiles and releases the anti-oxidants into the air above.

Visitors to the Center will be enfolded in an anti-oxidant rich environment, relaxing in a climate controlled chamber, where temperature (41°C – 43°C ) and humidity levels (20% – 40%) are monitored for the comfort of the visitors and they emerge from the Center rejuvenated and refreshed."

The list of Ecoparadise outlets in Malaysia.
Latest outlets: Gardens Mid Valley (03-22874019), Jaya One, PJ (03-79563336).

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kose Warehouse Sale 2010

Attention to Kose Fans out there!

KOSE Warehouse Sales is back!!
- Offering KOSE, Beaute de KOSE, FASIO and Cosme Decorte items!

Got to know abt this from Kose Warehouse Sale Facebook page.

KOSE Warehouse Sales
13th - 15th May 2010 (Thu-Sat)
10am - 6pm
No. 9 & 11, Jln PJU 1/37, Dataran Prima, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

KLCC part 1: Acca Kappa workshop

Yesterday was a fun-filled day. Picked up Miu from Mt Kiara, rushed to KLCC on time. We were one of the first few who arrived at Acca Kappa workshop at 11am. Was hungry, me n Miu grabbed a curry puff from San Francisco Coffee before enter the Acca Kappa shop.

The workshop started with hand spa and massage session. First they use Acca Kappa scrub with grape polyphenols on my hand then massage my hand, palm and fingers. Then rinsed off, applied Rose body lotion.
Check out my hands!! Which hand has been pampered? Am sure you have guess the answer. The one on the right! See the skin on the back of my hand are fairer and smoother than the other.

Terence, the marketing manager introduced the company and explained the differences of each brushes.

Grapes and water were served.
He also mentioned that grapes are good for our body, it has anti-oxidant benefits. If you were to eat one or two grapes it wont benefit you, you need at least 10 grapes a day. Remember to eat the seeds too, this is the same as what my mom has told me. The seed of the grapes display inhibitory activities against several experimental disease such as cancer, heart failure and other disorders of oxidative stress.

I bought their mother's day promotion items. Buy a travel size pneumatic comb at RM100, get the 2nd one 50% off. It's a steal, since they never had sales or discounts on their brushes. (purchase above 200rm, get free engravings on the brushes! I engrave my mom's name on it :)

Functions of the brush: Ideal to prepare medium / long hair for styling. Round-ended tips for a delicate massage of the scalp that will stimulate the micro circulation. The specific shape of the natural rubber cushion enables the pressure to be absorbed and distributed evenly on the whole brush with a more delicate action for hair and scalp.

I also bought this small size wooden thermic brush, code 1986 @RM100. Bought this for the purpose to style my curls/perms.
Anti-slip handle with circular section in kotibé wood. Heat resistant nylon, ventilated aluminium barrel in different sizes.USE: Mainly used for quick blow-drying. The ventilated barrel allows greater flow of air from the dryer. The special finishing of the handle assures a perfect grip of the brush in any situation.

I had a hair makeover from Monica, hairstylist from A Cut Above using Acca Kappa brushes. She use the above thermic brush to style my hair with a hair dryer. Amazingly the curls was not hot after blow dry, as the thermic brush which is heat resistant, that ventilates the hot air which traps in your hair. So the heat wont be lock in your hair and causing damage . Brilliant!
However, quite unfortunately that I didn't have a chance to try on their hair products range. I wished they put on some Acca Kappa hair products to enhance my curls to make it hold or shine, anything frm the Acca Kappa hair range to give my hair a boost!

Miu and Fatin after their hair makeover! Aren't they look gorgeous? Actually we all came with a not so groom hair in the morning. Thanks to the great hair makeover, now we look presentable! lol.

Boar bristle brush one of their signature brush! Made of tufts of pure boar and nylon.
Suitable for oily hair, the large quantity of tufts ensure the scalp is stimulated while the hair shaft is polished.

Sanitized pneumatic brush (RM80)- I bought tis long ago, but didn't blog about it. It works like an air brush, creates volume to my flat and thin hair.

Sanitized® treated articles are durably comprehensively protected against bacteria, fungi and yeast - for your comfort, hygiene and well-being. It's a built-in antimicrobial protection, water resistant, that remains throughout the entire service life of the brush.

Goodie bag frm Acca Kappa. Salabianca bracelet, samples from Acca Kappa age defying vitamin cream, hydrating creme, and eye contour creme, 1869 moisture body lotion and cologne, makeup brush set(Pigita gave me this).
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