Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mee Siam - My Favourite Lunch

Am a super fan of bee hoon (rice vermicelli), espeically Mee Siam. Mee Siam is a dish of thin rice noodles/vermicelli cook in spicy, sweet and sour gravy. It is one of the popular dish in Singapore and Malaysia. There is 2 way of cookin it, either stir fry noodles to "dry" version, or gravy version. I myself prefer the dry type.

It is a pure Nyonya speciality dish that is now prepared by all races, prepared with slight variation in ingredients. I remember i had the best mee siam at Jusco One Utama takeaway food section. Where they placed together with other packed food in thin plastic container such as nasi lemak, fried mee goreng, fried rice etc.

Since I have this big craze for mee siam. I decided to at least cook this for my lunch. Yesterday was my first attempt to cook this dish, today i tried it again and is better than yesterday. I would like to share my simplified version of recipe here then. This is for one serving.

1/4 packet of rice vermicelli
3 shallots thinly sliced
1 stalk chives cut into 2 or 3cm length
3 prawns peeled or unpeeled
1 carrot
2 mushrooms
a handful of beansprouts
1 egg

3 tablesppon of Mee siam paste/ tamarind paste
1 lime squeezed
3 tablespoon of water

First heat oil in a flat pan or wok in medium heat. Fried the shallots, carrots, mushroom, for about 4 mins, then add in prawns fry till turn slightly red, then add in rice vermicelli and beansprouts fry for another few minutes, then add in the sauce. Stir the sauce well before pouring them into the pan. Toss well make sure the sauce get to most of the rice vermicelli, add in the chives. Dash some salt to taste. Garnish with hard boiled eggs, cut halves. This was my first attempt cooking.
First attempt mee siam
Today, my 2nd attempt on cookin this dish but with slight variation, garnished with omelette strips and fried sausages. This time i cooked more rice vermicelli since I gona served 2 person. My guy, the typical meat person, must have in his meals. We were running out of chicken meat, so he added the fried sausages, though not my preference. Oh well...ignore the fried sausages, the noodles has better spicy n sour flavour than yesterday's. You can add on small teaspoon of sambal belacan at the side to go with your noodles. :)


stellarvixen said...

i luv meesiam too!
spicy sour taste yummm! too bad i cant find mee siam during lunch hours hhehe

Doroshi said...

Oo u love it too?? Not many ppl fancy this. :)

I usually find them in pack plastic containers sold in petrol stations, jusco and cold storage takeaway food sections hehe

lil sharky said...

have u tried the mee siam in alexis? it's yummy, (drooling). Whenever I come back to KL, that's the first thing I would have.

Doroshi said...

Hi Lil sharky!
Thanks for visiting :)
No, i haven't tried the one in Alexis. Which Alexis you refering?

lil sharky said...

I always go to Alexis in Great Eastern Mall, Ampang and The Gardens.

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