Saturday, June 19, 2010

Indulgence Event, Kiehl's Pajama party, SATC2

I was very lucky to be invited to last friday Indulgence event organised by KLCC. The event started around 5.30pm and ends around 6.30pm @ The Apartment, KLCC. When i was there, I saw some familiar faces, Fatin, Rane, Kelly, and Cia Wei! We were fed with finger food, and some delicious cheese cakes and mini cream puffs.

The event started off with the talk of Talika - a new brand in town came from Paris! Talika's products are mostly eye care. One of their best seller - Talika's Lipocils - treatments for eye lashes - it extends, restores colors and more curls on eye lashes. Up to 36% longer in 28 days! Lipocils Expert contains 12 plant extracts in it. The Eye Dream is a rejuvenating and hydrating eye masks.

Next on the list, RMk makeup demo on their latest gel emulsion foundation!
The texture is smoother than the normal powder type foundation. It feels creamy and moist at first but dries down to a nice lightweight smooth powdery finish after application.

We get to test on the RMK gel emulsion and Spring collection Isssey Miyake EDT for men and woman. The green bottle is for men (RM215), and the purple bottle is for women (RM228).

Followed by Fashion shows by BCBG (pic above), and Miss Sixty (pic below), am a very big fan of BCBG their gorgeous dresses...

Both brands shows alot of Spring colors on their clothes!

This is the EXCITING part - Lucky draw!!! I was telling my frens on my table that i wish i could win the Talika stuff, and next my name was called on stage!!! So lucky!!

My lucky draw gifts - a Talika Eye Detox and a RMK Massage Balm!! Am on Cloud nine!!!

Fatin, another lucky one!!! Her lucky draw is Miss Sixty necklaces!! Congrates dear!! :))

Our goodie bag from Indulgence Event consist of a RMK cleansing oil 30ml, RMk Skintunner Ex Moist 30ml, RMK liquid foundation shade 103 SPF14 15ml, RMk Face protector SPF31, A Scent by Issey Miyaki EDT vial and a sample of Talika Eye Decompress. Additional 5 vouchers in the goodie bag consist of: RMk complimentary makeover, special discount voucher for Talika eye dream & eye detox set @ RM295, BCBG RM50 gift voucher, RM100 gift voucher from Miss Sixty and special discount voucher for purchasing A Scent by Issey Miyaki EDT @ RM129.

Eye Decompress close-up, amazing tablet tat could transforms into an eye mask that refreshes and reduces swelling around the eyes while soothing and calming tired eyes.

Indulgence event ends around 6.30pm, so since we have some time to run over to Parkson hopin to take pictures of the Lancome Tresor entourage gals who dressed up in Audrey Hepburn style. Unfortunately, they left long before we reach there. Tresor in Love perfume bottle is pretty and am so in love with the powdery scent! The set on the right sellin @ RM260 in Parkson, KLCC.

Next stop, Kiehl's Isetan - Pajama party! They're launching the new Midnight Recovery Concentrate! The Midnight Recovery Concentrate has 99.8% naturally-derived and paraben-free botanical elixir works all night to regenerate, repair and replenish the skin barrier for younger-looking skin by morning. The rich blend of naturally replenishing botanical oils including Squalane, Evening Primrose, and a blend of essential oils known for their therapeutic, balancing, and antioxidant effects, works with the skin's natural nocturnal activity to dramatically restore skin by morning. Use one to two drops before you go to sleep. I tried one drop on the back of my hands, I find it abit oily and difficult to absorb into my skin.
The midnight recovery concentrate cost RM200 for 30ml.

Goodies from Kiehls - travel size Olive fruit shampoo, Ultra face moisturiser and Midnight recovery concentrate sample 2ml!

Last stop, Pavilion to redeem Sex and The City2 movie tickets from Body Shop. Thanks to Wings for the tickets. Because she couldn't turn up, so I get to take over her place. Again here, we were fed with finger food, and fruity drinks, and a goodie bag which entitle us for the free movie, and free popcorn and Coke, a booklet of discount vouchers a Delipscious lipstick frm Body Shop! Sex in the city 2 is hilariously funny and is great to watch with your gal frens to have a good laugh together!

All goodies and lucky draw gifts collected for the day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tangs opening in Empire, Subang

Tangs Empire Subang(TES) opening on 17/6/10, members enjoy additional discount up to 40% storewide frm 17-20th jun. Promo valid @ TES only.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coffee dessert - Terrace @ Hock Choon

Spent my Saturday afternoon chillin out with my bestie at Illy Cafe @ Terrace, Hock Choon. If you have read my previous entry on Terrace...this has been my 2nd time, and am lovin' tis place. It was a hot saturday afternoon outside the cafe, but we enjoyed the super cold air-conditioned inside the cafe. I ordered the Affogato, a coffee based dessert, this comes with 2 huge scoop of vanilla ice-cream and 6 mashmallows on the side!! Cute! My first time having affogato with mashmallows, something new for me! My bestie commented that this must be a girly drink if it comes with mashmallows hahah...well i guess he may be right. Actually i have forgotten that I still have sorethroat and cough, but after seeing the huge ice creams makes my heart wheeeeee! Yes and now am suffering frm more coughss... -_-

Yummiee Affogato (RM13)..the best i had this far!

Something new in my cake list! Velvet rouge cake (RM13)- made of beetroot, I thought it gonna taste bitter or weird...but the waitress assured me it wont taste bitter, but it's not gonna be too sweet either. Yes, she was right on this, not too sweet, medium sweet suit my taste, and moist.

My bestie ordered ice cuppucino (RM9)...forgot to ask him about his review on this. Update later then...

Illy cafe, Terrace @ Hock Choon
241-B Lorong Nibong, off Jalan Ampang
Behind Hock Choon Supermarket.
Opposite SuCasa Hotel.
Call or SMS: 017.209.8477
Opening hours
8:00am-10:30pm everyday

Thursday, June 10, 2010

An evening with Lea Salonga

Pic took frm Star online

This is a very outdate entry. Anyway I went to Lea Salonga's performance last mth on 22nd May @ Plenary Hall, KL convention centre.

Lea Salonga is a philipino, and won many awards on her singing and stage performance. I have been istened to her songs when i was during my college years, love her angelic voice when she do the numbers from well-known Broadway musicals such as Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, and her famous 2 Disney song...Reflection and A Whole New World.

That evening, Lea Salonga sang most of my favorite songs which i secretly hoped she would sing during her show! She was dressed in black and backed by a 5 piece band, including her brother Gerard, the pianist also conductor for the night.

The list of songs she sang:
  • I’ve Never Been In Love Before
  • I Dreamed A Dream (Musical:Les Miserables)
  • I Do (This brought tears to my eyes, a perfect wedding/love song)
  • Gone Too Soon (tribute to the Late King of Pop)
  • I’d Give My Life For You (Musical: Les Miserables)
  • Someone To Watch Over Me
  • Taylor The Latte Boy
  • Poker Face (Yes, Lady Gaga's song, but she started the song in a ballad style, which I find the song is so familiar until she sang to the middle part only then she started the actual Gaga's version).
  • On My Own (Musical:Les Miserables)
  • A Whole New World (If u havent know about this..she was the singing voice of Princess Jasmine in the Disney animated feature Aladdin)
  • Reflection ( She sang the original version which is the longer version, the one we hear on radio is the shorter version.)
  • Hananapin kor (Philipine song)
  • Tiga Malam (A song made famous by Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Lea dedicated to Pak Lah's late wife)
  • No Boundaries (Lea is a fan of American Idol, she sang this frm American Idol's last yr's finale)
  • Everybody Says Don’t
  • Tomorrow (Musical: Annie)

She suppose to end nite with the song Tiga Malam, but we gave her a thunderous applause and standing ovation. Lea is so generous she sang No Boundaries, then we give another non-stop applause and she sang the last 2 songs. The show ended with an Award ceremony, not sure i got the award name right, think is a South Pacific award, if am not mistaken.

Her concert was fabulous, she sang every note crystal clear, magically, flawless and effortlessly! Her vibrato displayed more in her concert compared to her recordings. Her versatile voice can sing soft and sweet songs as well as solid and powerful ones too. I am so glad I came for her concert and wish to see her in future concerts.

Tried to take pic of her during her autograph session, I standby with my camera hoping she will turn n look my side..and she did! :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The opening of Awesome giveaways!!

Read this awesome info from Stellar's blog regarding Nic Nic's giveaways.
Nic Nic is launching her japanese cosmetics store online, and she is so generous and throwing us this AWESOME giveaways to 6 lucky winners!!

Check out the giveaways!!! Yes!! Stop myself from fainting...hehe

Rules to enter the Giveaway:

*Revised* 28/05/10

1. Giveaway opened to EVERYONE around the world - Blogger or Reader
2. One entry for every follower - Blogger OR Reader - publicly (will check).
3. EXTRA entry for bloggers who linked this post onto their blog
4 EXTRA entry for bloggers AND readers who leave a VALID comment answering the following --

The giveaway closes on 6th June 11.59pm Tokyo Time and SIX winner will be chosen randomly.

Click her site to join now! :)

Whisk @ Empire Gallery, Subang

This is the 2nd time lunch with my besties at Empire Gallery. It became a routine that we will go there for lunch every one of the weekdays. Not long ago, we went there to grab some UFOs from The Loaf....and we had lunch at Teh Tarik Place..and i ordered the nasi kerabu, which is very good, just that they forgotten to put in the salted egg...oh and the service is BAD! ( No pic for tis, forgot to bring along my camera)

I had my lunch "tiny" lunch @ Tarbush this time. They have 2 choice of set lunch to choose @ Rm15.90nett. So i ordered the nasi briyani, when my food arrive..oh my god..the nasi briyani is so Little!!! The chicken is tasteless, but the rice pretty ok. Sigh..disappointed...Am a super fan of nasi briyani seriously! To make myself happie again, I told my besty Miss. C to proceed to another outlet to have some dessert to fulfil my happiness.

~~~~WHISK - Espresso Bar/Bake Shop~~~

So I suggested we go to Whisk, since I've walked past this shop many times and never got the chance to try them. Check out the mirrors and wooden stools of Whisk, is similar to one of a coffee place I visited when i was London. Check out the comparison pics I've post below.

Whisk interior settings - mirrors on the wall and tables attached to the walls and wooden stools. Whisk brings back some memories....

A coffee place in London..
These pics took 7 or 8 yrs ago! Ohh My..ages time flies. Long mirror on the wall and table attached to the wall too. I have forgotten the name of tis cafe in London. This one look more like a classic coffee place, with customers standing and sipping their coffee and chatting away. Take a look at the reflection of the mirror, u see tons of things placing on the shelf, coffee beans, picture framess. I always thought the pic on the Right, looks like a coffee advertisement. LOL!!

Ok..back to Whisk, sumptous cakesss on display!

We picked the RED VELVET CAKE(RM11+) because it looks interesting and bloody red in color! The gal told us this cake has a mixture of chocolate and vanilla and some other things mix together...not very helpful in explaning the ingredients...but we could taste the choc and vanilla in the cake, moist type of cake with cream cheese frosting. Like it!

BAGEl with cream cheese (RM6+). The bagel is very fresh and although is quite plain looking but the taste of cream cheese and the bread goes well. This definitely paired damn well with a cup of tea/coffee.

The texture of the bagel is quite fork tender on the top, but the bottom is pretty hard to slice it off when you're this is what we pair of hand to cut/slice the bagel while a third hand to hold the plate to prevent the bagel flying off. :)

Whisk Espresso Bar + Bake Shop
LG 03A Empire Shopping Gallery
Subang Jaya
Mon - Sun: 10:00 - 22:00

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My haul from Benefit and Kanebo warehouse sale!

This morning reach Menara Millenium @ 10am as I planned. Am glad that i didn't get lost somewhere. I parked at the outdoor car park, the parkin rate is expensive! If am not mistaken, first hour or two, is 6rm!! Luckily i didnt spend much time there, i left at abt 11am in time to arrive at the Kanebo sale. :)

Below are the stuff i bought from both Benefit and Kanebo warehouse sale! Some are for my frens, and some are for me. :)

Benefit Creaseless Eye Shadow/Liner - 3 for RM90, 1 for RM35

Benefit Lipstick - 3 for Rm90! On the Right - Lady's choice, Left- Label Lover.
Am keepin the Cupid's bow(RM60), this lip liner is suppose to make ur lip look more plummer and fuller..there is a beauty lesson illustration on Benefit website on this. First thing i asked for is this Cupid's bow, when standing at the lipstick section, the sales girl told me this has not arrive yet ask me to come back to check tmr...then they found one only piece left on the table! Tat's gona be mine! This will transform ur lips to Angelina Jolie lips hahah.

Last posietint left with minor faulty on the packagin but inside is in good condition - RM100.

NEXT - Kanebo/Kate sale!

Bought 5 Coffret D'or Eye Palatte!!
They're so pretty!!! How could i resist???!
One for RM50 (original price is RM120++??)
Now am left with 2 colors after some frend saw it and grab them from me.
Below pic: Left- CM02 blue-green mix color, on the right is TD 03 khaki-green tones.

TD 03 khaki-green color eyeshadow palatte sample pic.

Sparkly bling jewelry it. So princessy!

Am keeping tis Coffret D'or CM02 eye shadow palatte. Mix 2 together will give u an ocean grean color.
Tutorial on how to use tis.

Another lovely packaging - Lunasol Brow Kit @ RM60

Tutorial here to use the brow kit frm Kanebo site.

Long Gel Mascara from Kate - RM38
Anyone interested??

Kate Wax Mascara - RM38

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