Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Allegro Cafe - Trattoria Italiano @ SS15, Subang

This is my 3rd revisit of the restaurant. The first time when i was here, it was located at ground floor. The 2nd visit, they have moved to 1st floor.

Love the interior and ambiance of this place. Its very cosy, great place to chill with friends and families or have candlelight dinner with your loved ones.

Besides the interiors and lighting's, next is the music selection - jazz music and Italian music (Andre Brocelli's songs, Italian songs...) It makes you feel relaxed especially when you had a long day after work. Plus, also makes me feel that am dining in Italy! This is a best place to unwind and have my peace of mind for dinner.

Meet the chef and owner of Allegro cafe - Claudio Giovanni!!
He is a serious and excellent cook! The food served here has a personal touch from he himself. I remembered the first time, which is some years ago, we ordered risotto from him. It was not in the menu, he cooked for us. :) It was a very excellent risotto!

Love this deco very much. Check out the classic old piano with some vintage picture frames hanging on the wall themed with a red lamp.

Tropicale - pan fried chicken breasts cubes with pineapple.
The pineapple and chicken is very yummy, but i find the chicken abit on the dry side.

Calzone - half-moon shaped pizza stuffed with fresh mushrooms and chicken salami.(RM28)
The mushroom is indeed fresh! It is delicious and 4 of us cant finish the whole thing...but we still manage to.

Zabaione- Egg meringue flavoured with Marsala wine served with vanilla ice cream (RM12)
I love thisss!! Is like eating bubble on the top part of the dessert, but inside is ice cream. Eating this give a different kinda of sensation. The egg meringue looks like foamy type, it taste like warm bubble/foamy, and mix with cool ice cream. What a sensation!

Hot thick chocolate like the ones serve in Italy.

Allegro Cafe, 1st floor, Trattoria Italiana, 11A, Jalan SS15/4, Subang Jaya
47500 Selangor

Tel:03-5631 5682

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