Thursday, June 3, 2010

My haul from Benefit and Kanebo warehouse sale!

This morning reach Menara Millenium @ 10am as I planned. Am glad that i didn't get lost somewhere. I parked at the outdoor car park, the parkin rate is expensive! If am not mistaken, first hour or two, is 6rm!! Luckily i didnt spend much time there, i left at abt 11am in time to arrive at the Kanebo sale. :)

Below are the stuff i bought from both Benefit and Kanebo warehouse sale! Some are for my frens, and some are for me. :)

Benefit Creaseless Eye Shadow/Liner - 3 for RM90, 1 for RM35

Benefit Lipstick - 3 for Rm90! On the Right - Lady's choice, Left- Label Lover.
Am keepin the Cupid's bow(RM60), this lip liner is suppose to make ur lip look more plummer and fuller..there is a beauty lesson illustration on Benefit website on this. First thing i asked for is this Cupid's bow, when standing at the lipstick section, the sales girl told me this has not arrive yet ask me to come back to check tmr...then they found one only piece left on the table! Tat's gona be mine! This will transform ur lips to Angelina Jolie lips hahah.

Last posietint left with minor faulty on the packagin but inside is in good condition - RM100.

NEXT - Kanebo/Kate sale!

Bought 5 Coffret D'or Eye Palatte!!
They're so pretty!!! How could i resist???!
One for RM50 (original price is RM120++??)
Now am left with 2 colors after some frend saw it and grab them from me.
Below pic: Left- CM02 blue-green mix color, on the right is TD 03 khaki-green tones.

TD 03 khaki-green color eyeshadow palatte sample pic.

Sparkly bling jewelry it. So princessy!

Am keeping tis Coffret D'or CM02 eye shadow palatte. Mix 2 together will give u an ocean grean color.
Tutorial on how to use tis.

Another lovely packaging - Lunasol Brow Kit @ RM60

Tutorial here to use the brow kit frm Kanebo site.

Long Gel Mascara from Kate - RM38
Anyone interested??

Kate Wax Mascara - RM38


Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Nice one, I like the Lunasol packaging very much too but I did not buy. No more Benetint or Posietint when I reached Millenium at 5pm y'day :(

Pigita said...

thank you for grabbing the Posietint for me MUAKS!!!!

I wish i knew about the lunasol brow kit earlier - would want one too SOB SOB

Doroshi said...

Pigita: U called them to ask not??
Rane: Try ur luck today!!

Pigita said...

no la dear, even if they willing to reserve for me, i am still sick, may not be able to go over to get it.

With Love, Elle said...

more photos~~~~
so glad to meet up wif u that day!

xoxo elle

stellarvixen said...

nice bumping into you!
what a haul for ya!
when will you show me your EOTD with CoffretD'or #02


Doroshi said...

Stellar: Great to bump into u and ur sister! :)

I told Elle that am not so good in applying the eye shadow palette yet la...u guys should come up w step by step tutorial for me to refer, or but the way u done ur EOTD very good and skillful! I hope i can master that haha

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