Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Laniege Water Sleeping Pack_Ex sample from Sisters Mag

A little birdie told me this! So am putting up this for Laneige Fans out there.m Though am not one of them. :P
This is a good chance for you babes out there who wish to try on their Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX, so grab this magazine Oct issue Sisters (chinese mag), you'll get a free sample!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Buy Amica magazine, free a iNouvi lip gloss!!

Thanks to Miu, I get to grab this Amica magazine from MPH, free a iNuovi duo lip gloss. The magazine only cost RM18, but the lip gloss worth RM60! What a grab! There are 7 colors to choose from.

From top to bottom:
Nordic ice
Harajuku chic
Latin lover
Chinatown glam
I chose Latin lover for myself, the rest of the lip gloss already taken by my frens. ha ha
Some info about tis duo lipgloss from the inuovi website!

• Unique high shine polymers
• Spherical powder for glide and comfort
• Advanced Gellified System
• Blend of triglycerides and oils
• High percentage of metallic pearls
• 2-in-1 Velvet and Gloss Finish
How to use?
Select from lip velvet colour or lip shine formula.
Apply to lips using the brush following the shape of your lips. Then only fill the rest of the lips.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bella Luna Free Facial treatment/Body Massage therapy

Few days ago, I came across CY's blog - The Beauty Regime, her post on Bella Luna: Free Body or Facial Therapy (worth RM350) up for grabs! I follow her instructions in her post, register as member and print out the voucher to redeem a body massage. I choose the Solaris Mont Kiara outlet, is nearer to me than going to BTS. I called up for appointment, telling them how i got the voucher and arrange a date to come. Mind you, they don't open on sundays.

The solaris outlet is quite new, but is pretty noisy as the nxt door is havin renovation. The body massage oil they use jamu oil (an indonesian herb oil), mostly used for post natal treatment for slimming and also reduce wind. My therapist also mentioned their massage will also regulate our menstrual period, as they will massage our stomach where the ovary area too. Post pregnant ladies and girls with irregular periods is recommended to take this body massage treatment.

My therapist name is Brenda, she is a middle age lady, with very good massaging skills and good strength. My neck and back is the most tensed area, after her massage, immediately I fall asleep. But i can't proceed to my sleep yet, as she need to apply body mask all over which i need to stand up for her to do that. After applying the body mask, felt a little cold on my skin coz it has some menthol in it. After that, a body wrap all over like a mummy, but a transparent one. haha

Then climbed back to the bed, proceed to a steamer relaxing session. She pulled over a plastic looks more like a tent to me, like u sleeping underneath a tent with your head sticking out. The plastic wont touch ur body. It placed above you, you can with the steam coming out on top of ur body. There, she leaves me 25 mins to sleep, I did slept away for probably 15 to 20 mins, but the noise from the next door renovation wakens me. I already could feel my body sweating, detox time!

When 25 mins past, she came back to cut off the body wrap, and is time for me to take shower. The shower room is inside the room itself, you don't need to walk outside the room, I like it tis way though.

According to my weight before and after, I have lost 0.4kg. I guess those are water retention, but if i drink water later again, it will b go back the same weight.

Overall: the massage is good, my masseuse is superb!

Of coz, although tis session is free, the sales representatives trying to ask us to sign up. If you don't plan to sign up in saloon, better don't bring credit cards. :P For me, my ears not that soft, i could resist. Before you sign up, i think you can check out their package in different outlet, you never know which gives you the best price.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Restoran Meng Kee Char Siew, Glenmarie

One of the weekday, my guy suggested to have char siew for lunch at Glenmarie Industrial park.
When we arrive there, it was office lunch hour, the place was packed! Lucky only both of us, we get to grab a small table at the back near the kitchen. If u take a real look at the kitchen, the floor was all oily, coz they take the char siew straight from the pot and walked straight to the front shop to chop them. So the oil is dripping on the floor. Actually the whole shop, its floor is oily. So becareful when u walk.
Our char siew arrive, is black at the side, but is not burned. You could see the fats aroud the char siew. I took my first char siew in my mouth, it melts in the mouth, so tender! So heavenly good, yet sinful the same time. The vege we order also quite oily, but taste good.
After the meal,I felt a little dizzy and uncomfortable. As I have consumed the most fats of the yr in one lunch meal. This meal you could have it once in a while, not everytime. :)

20, Jln Pekedai U1/36, Hicom Glenmarie,
Shah Alam, Malaysia.
Hand Phone: 019-379 3629

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mily and Cole multifunctional Headwear

Today is Tangs 1st day member close door sale! The Onitsuka shoes has alot on sale!! Worth to check it out if you're a Onitsuka fans!
I have bought this interesting multifunctional headwear! Buy one free one!! One for 29.90rm. Is great gift for your frens! They comes in interesting colors, and some has one color one the inside, another color on the outside. I love them all, they look so funky. Can wear on a wrist, or scarf, or pirate style, or a hat, or hairband. :)

This white one, i buy for myself, and free another piece; the below - my guy one. I doubt he gona wears it.

I bought extra 2 more to keep as gifts. :))

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Singapore Makan-makan!

It's been a long time since i have last blogged. Because my laptop was dead after i accidentally kick it down to the floor, and it went blacked out. Now am havin my new pc, so hopefully i wil be able to update where i eat and where i shop, and places i go. :)

Aronud june, I visited Singapore. Found some good food places, i was suprised that there are plenty of delicious food around in Singapore. The food standard in their food court in shopping malls are deliciously cooked. Unlike Malaysia's shopping mall food court, sometimes you just cant trust them.

This was taken at a shopping mall, which i cant recall which. This braised duck rice is so far the best i have tasted.

My frend ordered a tempura bento. Mine's better. :)

Upon recommendation, we have our lunch at Ishi Mura Japanese food court in Pomo Centre @ Selegie road. First time dine in a japanese food court, interests me. There are different kinda of stalls selling different kind of japanese food, from ramen to okonomiyaki to rice burgers. The price of the food here is reasonably affordable, around $10 or below.

I have ordered this
Beef Patty Omu rice - thumbs up for tis!!
( omelette rice with beef burger on top, with black pepper sauce)

My frend order this delicious Italian style cookin of ramen.

I would highly recommend this Ishi Mura to those looking for affordable and yummy eating out place in Singapore. They have several branches around there.

Next day, we went to Maxwell food court near Red Dot Design Museum, Maxwell road.
We saw this Tian Tian Hainanese chicken rice stall has a long que, so we thought this must be a famous stall. So my frend que for the chicken rice. Guess what? My fren qued for an hr!!! The effort does pays off, he ordered 2 plates of chicken rice instead, so to make the que worth while. LOL!

The chicken rice is superbly good, the chicken is tender and smooth. The rice are well cooked and aromatic.

Me, what was i doing when my frend que at the chicken rice stall? I que at Zhen Zhen porridge stall. See the que!!! It takes me almost an hr to get my porridge. I almost give up, but i didnt.

I ordered a fish porridge with a plate of Yu sang (sashimi/raw fish). See, it looks like some kinda kerabu rite? With lots of beansprouts and sesame seeds, add w lime juice. Actually is quite good, just that we r not so used to tasting raw fish with porridge. Something different. :)

A must visit place, the Muji shop!! Love their stuff, one of things i bought - Pork Calpas! I think i could eat tis snack anytime!!

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