Thursday, October 1, 2009

Singapore Makan-makan!

It's been a long time since i have last blogged. Because my laptop was dead after i accidentally kick it down to the floor, and it went blacked out. Now am havin my new pc, so hopefully i wil be able to update where i eat and where i shop, and places i go. :)

Aronud june, I visited Singapore. Found some good food places, i was suprised that there are plenty of delicious food around in Singapore. The food standard in their food court in shopping malls are deliciously cooked. Unlike Malaysia's shopping mall food court, sometimes you just cant trust them.

This was taken at a shopping mall, which i cant recall which. This braised duck rice is so far the best i have tasted.

My frend ordered a tempura bento. Mine's better. :)

Upon recommendation, we have our lunch at Ishi Mura Japanese food court in Pomo Centre @ Selegie road. First time dine in a japanese food court, interests me. There are different kinda of stalls selling different kind of japanese food, from ramen to okonomiyaki to rice burgers. The price of the food here is reasonably affordable, around $10 or below.

I have ordered this
Beef Patty Omu rice - thumbs up for tis!!
( omelette rice with beef burger on top, with black pepper sauce)

My frend order this delicious Italian style cookin of ramen.

I would highly recommend this Ishi Mura to those looking for affordable and yummy eating out place in Singapore. They have several branches around there.

Next day, we went to Maxwell food court near Red Dot Design Museum, Maxwell road.
We saw this Tian Tian Hainanese chicken rice stall has a long que, so we thought this must be a famous stall. So my frend que for the chicken rice. Guess what? My fren qued for an hr!!! The effort does pays off, he ordered 2 plates of chicken rice instead, so to make the que worth while. LOL!

The chicken rice is superbly good, the chicken is tender and smooth. The rice are well cooked and aromatic.

Me, what was i doing when my frend que at the chicken rice stall? I que at Zhen Zhen porridge stall. See the que!!! It takes me almost an hr to get my porridge. I almost give up, but i didnt.

I ordered a fish porridge with a plate of Yu sang (sashimi/raw fish). See, it looks like some kinda kerabu rite? With lots of beansprouts and sesame seeds, add w lime juice. Actually is quite good, just that we r not so used to tasting raw fish with porridge. Something different. :)

A must visit place, the Muji shop!! Love their stuff, one of things i bought - Pork Calpas! I think i could eat tis snack anytime!!

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