Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bella Luna Free Facial treatment/Body Massage therapy

Few days ago, I came across CY's blog - The Beauty Regime, her post on Bella Luna: Free Body or Facial Therapy (worth RM350) up for grabs! I follow her instructions in her post, register as member and print out the voucher to redeem a body massage. I choose the Solaris Mont Kiara outlet, is nearer to me than going to BTS. I called up for appointment, telling them how i got the voucher and arrange a date to come. Mind you, they don't open on sundays.

The solaris outlet is quite new, but is pretty noisy as the nxt door is havin renovation. The body massage oil they use jamu oil (an indonesian herb oil), mostly used for post natal treatment for slimming and also reduce wind. My therapist also mentioned their massage will also regulate our menstrual period, as they will massage our stomach where the ovary area too. Post pregnant ladies and girls with irregular periods is recommended to take this body massage treatment.

My therapist name is Brenda, she is a middle age lady, with very good massaging skills and good strength. My neck and back is the most tensed area, after her massage, immediately I fall asleep. But i can't proceed to my sleep yet, as she need to apply body mask all over which i need to stand up for her to do that. After applying the body mask, felt a little cold on my skin coz it has some menthol in it. After that, a body wrap all over like a mummy, but a transparent one. haha

Then climbed back to the bed, proceed to a steamer relaxing session. She pulled over a plastic looks more like a tent to me, like u sleeping underneath a tent with your head sticking out. The plastic wont touch ur body. It placed above you, you can with the steam coming out on top of ur body. There, she leaves me 25 mins to sleep, I did slept away for probably 15 to 20 mins, but the noise from the next door renovation wakens me. I already could feel my body sweating, detox time!

When 25 mins past, she came back to cut off the body wrap, and is time for me to take shower. The shower room is inside the room itself, you don't need to walk outside the room, I like it tis way though.

According to my weight before and after, I have lost 0.4kg. I guess those are water retention, but if i drink water later again, it will b go back the same weight.

Overall: the massage is good, my masseuse is superb!

Of coz, although tis session is free, the sales representatives trying to ask us to sign up. If you don't plan to sign up in saloon, better don't bring credit cards. :P For me, my ears not that soft, i could resist. Before you sign up, i think you can check out their package in different outlet, you never know which gives you the best price.


Jessying said...

well written one doro doro! I shall try it out as well.. thanks for sharing your experience :)

CheaKyGal said...


ya... check out their packages in different outlets..

You never know which gives the best price.

Perhaps they should check out the Berjaya Times Square one.

CheaKyGal said...

yes.... ears not soft...

yup, i don't know why they are giving different prices.. maybe the solaris one competing with the berjaya times square one to meet sales target..


Miu said...

i just tore my coupon up.. now i read your blog.. i regret tearing it.. n wanna print out again..

Doroshi a.k.a Squirrelicious said...

WAT miu?? why u wanan tear it?? Go print again.

Cheakygal: couldnt agree more.

Jess: try already, write ur review hehe.

Oh the therapist who massage me, Brenda, she gona tranfer to S'pore tis fri di wor. She got good hands leh

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