Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sanuki Udon @ Taman Bukit Desa

One weekend, we drove past Taman Bukit Desa, my Mr. requested to find a place nearby for our late dinner. We have ran out of ideas where to eat at that time. Luckily, My Mr. remembered Sanuki Udon which he had read from other food blogs, so we decided to give it a try. It was pretty easy to find this shop with a little help from google map. :)

A modest shop hidden in a peaceful residential area.
The shop has less than 15 tables here. The place easily gets very busy and packed and you might need to wait for your tables.

A glimpse of the shop.

Simple menu, we order 2 mains and add 2 toppings!

Some Japanese words, wish the owner translate them into English.

Shiitake Yakitori (mushroom and meat) - RM2 each stick
Both taste juicy and smells heavenly when it arrived at my table!

Kakiage (deep fried vegetables) - RM2
Crispy texture.

My Mr ordered a Curry udon - RM7

House Special hot Udon with egg - RM5

Simple, and light udon meal for me, but i must admit that the udon texture is so slurpilicious!! The springy noodles are made fresh daily that uses Australian wheat flour to give its chewy texture. You can also buy their udon and consume at home, RM15 at 1kg portion. Our bill came, only RM17!! Yummy food with reasonable price! I would definitely try the other 2 outlets, one in Wisma Cosway, and Marufuku Udon at Jaya One, Pj.

Sanuki Udon
9, jalan Bukit Desa 5,
Taman Bukit Desa, 58100
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-79803704
(close on Mondays)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Japanese magazines with their freebies!

Here are some snap shots of some latest issue of Japanese Magazines that comes with free bags!

Q-pot magazine, free a chocolate -bar design bag!

Crystal Ball magazine, I bought one of these, available in 3 colors - orange, white and black. I picked the white one.

Bag in black, the zipper is in gold. Didnt took picture of this bag, but saw it at the enquiry desk.

Glimpse of the orange bag. All came with a velvety pouch bigger than my palm, can keep your handphone, keys..etc

Boofoowoo magazine, the 3 little pigs so cute!

The free bag is fanciful looking!

Helo Kity fans gona lurve these :)

Free a huge tote bag, quite good material.

Sanrio anniversary magazine

Gelato Pique winter collection
This bag is so pretty!

Anterprima magazine, gave out a very elegant tote bag!

Spotted this! Of coz, not in the Japanese magazine department. :P
Alice's Adventures Wonderland hard cover book, cool design cover and the pages are lined with gold lining. You can guess the price is not cheap for this book!

~~The END ~~

My 1st Wedding Anniversary Dinner @ Mayfair

My Mr. found this cool place at PJ Trade Centre and celebrated our 1st anniversary here. I know the reason he picked Mayfair. Reason one, we met in London, sort of bring me back to memory lane.

Mayfair kitchen and bar.

Spotted this gold Stout mirror near the entrance, I would like to have one too! :P

Mayfair seems like a gentleman's club. It's quite cozy, classy setting here, but not until a bunch of working class started talking loudly while playing cards at one table. Totally spoiled the atmosphere of this place!

Black and white floor tiles, retro yet contemporary in this setting.

There is a small lounge area with velvety couch and sofas, very elegantly arranged. The frames on the walls is pretty classy. Great area for us gals to hang out, chatting and drinking away all nite here. Provided the nite is not so crowded and we still can hear our conversation without the need of shouting over.

Linguini Carbonara, this taste heavenly!! This reminds me the one we had at this lovely unpretentious restaurant at The Stockpot @ Kings Road, London. They serve an extensive of good Italian and continental food.

Chorizo & Bacon Pizza - thin crust at the base, topped with chorizo sausage, bacon bits, onion, fresh tomato puree and lots of mozzarella cheese.

A closer look for the pizza, it looks like dumplings. Heard that the food menu is designed by their head chef from Jarrods and Rawlins, and all the meat, sausages and bacons are supplied from this English deli too.

One of my anniversary gift from my Mr. :)
Perfect gift for the anniversary.
"May our love be bond with our hearts and be loving as ever like these two love-birds." ~~ Me

For Stout lovers, check out the attractive promotion! ^_^
6 brands on tap : Tiger, Heineken, Kilkenny, Guinness, Paulaner and Strongbow.

Mayfair Kitchen and Bar (Nxt to Hex)
DG-03, Menara Taiko,
PJ Trade Centre
Jln PJU 8/8, Petaling Jaya
47820, Malaysia

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Krismas Giveaways!!

Litto Mokaa's giveaway

Giveaway from Secret Beauty Blog.

Giveaway from Jenny.

Giveaway frm LilyRibbons

Giveaway from LOLanne.

Awesome stuff!
Click here for more info.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Something for myself

I was at KLCC for the weekend, yeah I was there Friday and Sunday! It's fun to do a lil charity while shopping, especially from Isetan and L'occitane.

WWF collaboration with Isetan. Huge size of bearbrick, not for sale, i wish to take home.

Bought all 4 different colors bear brick phone strap for my collection. Each cost RM12. The limited silver bearbrick is RM15. All profit wil be donated to WWF Malaysia's
Forest Restoration Program and Orang Utans Monitoring Project.

Pink falling asleep bearbrick.

Green santa bearbrick with beard. Like tis one.

Blue bearbrick.

Limited edition Metallic Silver bearbrick

Helped Tammy to get a white nd black Anna Sui canvas bag. When I leisurely asked the SA whether the bags are sold out, she said the white canvas bag ALMOST gonna sold out! My eyes popped and I requested one extra white canvas bag for myself. :P Better grab it before I regret it. Since the white canvas bag design is quite nice and not flimsy type.

I got this for free, when I went to Isetan the nxt day. When I validated my parking ticket at the I-Club, they handed me this mouse pad for free! Oh my, what abt yesterday? I should hav one more mouse pad, anyway i validate my ticket at the cosmetic floor. So i guess that doesnt count.

After leaving Isetan, went to grab a L'occitane 2001 calender diary with hardcover! The pages are printed with colors and flowers pictures. Only at RM15.

The profits will go to the Malaysian Association for the Blind.

Bought a Crystal Ball magazine, yah that's the name of the Japanese magazine from Kinokuniya, becoz of its lovely bag! Ohh this purhase has no contribution to any charity :P

The pug face is not jst decoration, but is a zipper pouch. Love the prints on the bag, check them out! haha

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