Friday, April 30, 2010

Wonderful Lovely April Birthday 2010

My birthday is on April 25th!! Know who else has the same birth date as me? My all-time favourite Jazz Diva -- Ella Fitzgerald and a charming cheeky actress - Renee Zellweger.

Others who born in the month of April:
Composer: Henry Mancini (Love all his songs)
Singers/artist : Charlie Chaplin, Doris Day, Billie Holiday
Actresses - Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba.
Actors: Robert Downey Jr.
Politician: Thomas Jefferson
Businessman: Ferrucio Lamborghini

It's great to know the great people who share the same month as me! I mayb a great people in future or jst a ordinary human. :)

This year I had a very awesome birthday with most of my dearly frens. It was not a one day celebration, but more than a day celebration. I'm feeling great to have spent my birthday with you lovely people, and loving my precious gifts!! Big Muaxx~~!!

Birthday cake came early tis yr, appeared on 22nd April! Thanks Cher, Crystal and Joan!! Received gift - Rose Quartz frm them on 23rd April, @ Vineria, BSC.

Thank u babes!!
Rose Quartz - to enhance relationship/friendship. :))

My first Coco Rouge lipstick receive from Tammy and Fatin!! Thanks babes!!
Never expected this from you guys!

Thomas Sabo bracelet from family! Followed on Japanese lunch at Kura Restaurant, One world hotel.

Bday dinner with my darling at Nero Teca.

~~~A Memorable April Birthday 2010~~~

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life Code Anti Aging

Have you heard of Life Code Anti Aging??

Life Code Anti-aging was established with the state of mind “The Key to Life, The Code to Youth”. Scientists believe that aging is a common factor which affects every mankind, thus everyone will be gradually affected by aging and eventually helplessly moving towards old age and death. Aging is caused by genetic and chromosum mutation, thus if the code of gene factors can be decoded then aging will not be an issue to threaten human beings. Life Code youth revitalizing formulas unveil the myth of eternity!!!

The ultimate effectiveness of ST House:
  1. ST House is equipped with the world’s first invented skin cells revitalizing device, making the body smooth and soft in 30 minutes using the essential oil steam. Brightening the skin up to minimum 2 levels.
  2. ST House uses Chinese herbs essential mist to detoxify accumulated harmful toxins in your body.
  3. ST House gemstone treatment releases far infrared from multiple angles and discharge negative ions (anions) to neutralize the onslaught of free radicals and to enhance overall body microcirculation system. This shall strengthen our immunity, render slimming and further delay the aging process.

This is something new in town!
Thanks to Life Code Anti-Aging International Berhad, 11 Lucky Blogger Followers of Plusizekitten with get the chance to review & enjoy a 30mins ST Rejuvenation Therapy with Miu (Plusizekitten) and gossip in the ST House.

"The Key To Life, The Code to Youth"
Date: 16th May (Sunday)
Time: 2pm-5pm
Venue: Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur.
No. of pax: 11 bloggers+ Miu
F&B provided

That's not all! After 30mins in the ST House, Life Code who's also an Anti-Aging beauty specialist will hold a skincare workshop along with a makeover demo for the lucky followers. There will be light food & refreshments available and a generous skincare starter kit worth RM250 for the girls to try at home thanks to Life Code's product trainer, Chris.

Interested to join? Click here to Miu's blog to be her follower and fill in the entry form there.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Burt's Bees Workshop rocks my world!!

(1st Burt's Bees outlet in Malaysia @ Curve, next to Borders)

I've attended the Burt's Bees Workshop in Royale Bintang Hotel at Curve on 24/4/10. I must say the workshop is one of the best one I have been. I have learnt all about Burt's Bees products and company. Burt's bees offers earth-friendly natural skincare, beauty and personal care products.

10 things you must know about Burt's Bees:
  1. No synthetic ingredients/ artificial coloring
  2. no harmful ingredients or elements
  3. promote healthy skin
  4. detoxify and excrete
  5. nutritional and anti oxidants
  6. 95% active ingredients
  7. never tested on animals
  8. focus on cottage industries
  9. environmental friendly
  10. every product has a "natural bar" which tells you the percentage of natural ingredients in it, with Detailed ingredient descriptions.
The company also title themselves as "The Greater Good":
  • believes in natural ingredients
  • protect environmental/nature
  • committed socially responsibility - what they took from nature, they give back.
Very impressive after hearing the Burt's Bees practices that. I am definitely support them on this. I think is pretty brilliant to come out with a lip balm which is 100% natural, and their baby care range is safe and edible!

(pic grab frm Miu)
After the briefing, we had Yogataal session by the pool, sponsored by CandiSoo Fitness. I thought the yoga gonna be short, turns out is an hour session. It was a power yoga, sweat alot, but feels good after that especially the relaxing part. After the yoga session, each of us receive a RM190 cash voucher redemption from CandiSoo fitness.

Next, we headed back to the conference room, change to our normal clothes instead of fitness attire. Had a refreshing honey lemon drink, and some finger food. The workshop continues to teach us on using DIY homemade ingredient to create face mask. Main ingredients are eggs, honey, and rosemary essential oil. Stir them till nicely blend, apply on face for 1o mins, rinse off. I felt my skin is tighter (not to be mistaken as the dryness tight), smooth and whole complexion brightens.

Recipe for DIY face mask:
dry skin: egg yolk and honey
oily skin: egg white and honey
normal/combo skin: whole egg and honey
(all could add a small drop of rosemary essential oil).

Next, Bobbi Brown training manager Carina, showed us Pretty Powerful video presentation. It's their latest campaign, a contest to seek out 15 different gals, regardless of age, sizes and skin color who express how they wan to be look pretty n beautiful in a simple way. I love the make over, not too overly make-up, but focus on enhancing the features to achieve a finished look.

Makeover demo frm Bobbi Brown, simple make over yet looks good.

There's lucky draw session, Adriene won this pretty Bobbi Brown make up set. It's so gorgeous!
I wished to get that, but I do won something from the lucky draw- RM190 worth of 10 session group fitness programme frm CandiSoo Fitness!!

Lastly, Burt's Bees fed us buffet lunch at the hotel lobby!! I didn't expect that to happen, coz we only pay RM30, and we took home the goodie bag worth of RM200 of products!!! My heart leaps!! This is the best ever workshop i have attended. Thanks Burt's Bees for pampering us from head to toe and also not forgetting our stomach too! :))

Goodie bag consist of Fabulously Fresh Body wash, Soothingly Sensitive Body lotion, Coconut foot creme, Beeswax lip balm, Bobbi brown samples- brightening moisture, intensive serum, cleansing oil, and complimentary make up lesson, Nuyou pink sticky notepad.

After the workshop, used my 20rm voucher rebate frm the goodie bag for the items above!
Burt's bees almond mik hand creme 56.80rm, replenishing lip balm in pomegranate oil RM18, lip shimmer in Fig shade RM31.80.

We were all so happie with Burt's Bees goodie bag!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Phad Thai Restaurant, USJ Taipan

Cheap eats - Thai food in USJ Taipan -Phad Thai Restaurant. I find the Thai food served here are authentic to taste and reasonably priced.

Love their tom yam soup, very appetizing aroma and taste and good balance of spicy and sour taste. This is not too hot or spicy as the one served in Thai Thai restaurant, Sunway Pyramid.

Fry Kang Kung, fresh vege and not too salty.

Fried chicken skin, this is yummylicious! I usually hate fried stuff, but this is too hard to resist. The skin is so crisp and crunchy. It goes well with the sweet and sour sauce.

Forgot the dish name. :P Stir fry chicken with beans..mild spicy with tantalizing smell. Chicken texture cooked jst right!

They also served sticky mango rice, but my stomach was too full to contain the rest. The mangoes looks fresh. Will definitely come back to try this next round.

21, USJ 10/1C,
Subang Taipan
Subang Jaya, Selagor.
(monday- close, Tues - Sun - 10am-10pm)
(same row as 100 yen shop, or behind Hong Leong bank, Taipan).

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mad Hatter's Tea Party by MIU and Blogger's Food Review @ The Smokehouse, Bangsar

Yesterday I've attended Miu's Mad Hatter's Tea party at The Smokehouse. I've never been into Smokehouse restaurant before, but I've heard they have another branch in Fraser Hill. :) I guess it must be cosy up there having such a pretty cottage style restaurant.

The Smokehouse restaurant in Bangsar, it has the style of an English cottage like i had imagined. The big cushion, decorated fireplace, vintage stuff - hanging lamps, mirrors, old time vinyl player, porcelain plates and tea cups contribute to the overall traditional English house style. I thought i was back to England when I was there, if outside was raining, it will be perfect for me!

Miu has put up sweet lovely tree with hanging paper rabbits, flowers, crowns...lovely indeed!! Fyi, the decorations on the tree was craft made by her mom! Bravo!!

Mad Hatter's tea party soon to begin!

Miu wrote our names on lovely handmade place card!!

Me, was seated in between Stacey and Su! Stacey dressed as half Red Queen and half Alice, Su dressed as the Sexy Lolita Alice! While me the Avant Garde Mad Hatter. It was quite fun to see everyone really dressed up for this tea party!

I had a very light lunch, cant wait to begin my food tasting! Yup!! I've tried every single thing food that placed on the table! *big grin!" Here's my food review...start with the tea sets...

Smokehouse set A (RM12) -scone, apple pie. Serve with a pot of tea or coffee. A Must try!! The scones are popular here in Smokehouse, their yummylicious strawberry jam is homemade, love tis combination the most! Goes well with butter too, but for the clotted cream i find it abit airy for my liking. The scone looks like a harden puff pastry, but surprisingly it's not as hard as it seem. Not too soft or hard texture for this scone. The apple pie is so appetizing! The best apple pie I have tasted in KL!! The tantalizing smell of the apple taste melts in your mouth when taking a bite down. The outer layer pastry is pretty crispy. Thumbs up for Smokehouse apple pie!! I would come back here for more apple pie cravings! Ohh did i mention that the apple pie in Smokehouse homemade too??

Smokehouse set B (RM18)- scone, apple pie, cake, brownie, sandwiches. Served with a pot of coffee/tea. The servings were added extras during the party. :)

The cake is an orange cake, it carries a hint of orange smell, not overly strong. The brownie and orange cake both has pretty good texture and not too oily or bitter aftertaste. For sandwich, I've only tried the egg and cucumber sandwich. It is prepared with fresh veges ingredients. I find it very healthy and fresh. There are 3 types of sandwiches serve in Smokehouse, Egg and cucumber sandwich(RM12), Roast chicken sandwich (RM15), Roast Beef sandwich(Rm18). All served with french fries.

The cheese and onion caramelised tarts(RM10), the crust is quite thick for this. It has a bit of salty, sweet taste, thus the combination of taste is pretty weird for me.

Next...the Rarebit - beef bacon, cheese on toast (RM12). I have to say this is one favourite! The strong deletable smell of bacon and the smooth and soft texture of the egg are very palatable! Beef bacon served here is halal.

Beef Wellington(RM48) has added into my favourite list! Beef wrapped in a puff pastry to bake. I find the beef has a tender texture, smells not too pungent, the puff pastry surrounds it was pretty crisp. The mushroom sauce with beef is so succulent!! Ooohh la still thinking and craving about it. Now..i must say the potatoes taste very heavenly, when comes to potatoes am very picky!!

Dessert time!!
Chocolate mousse (RM8)- very chocolate creamy and not too airy texture. Can't commend much, as am not a chocolate mousse fans.

Bomb Alaska (RM28) - a unique dessert! It has vanilla ice cream and meringue, cherries, cut fruits buried in it. Lights were dimmed when the rum was poured over, it flamed up and the whole "white mountain" surrounds with "dancing fire flames in blue". What a pretty sight!
Smokehouse manager Dennis told us that Bomb Alaska is a famous dessert which frequently called by couples. Because of the pretty sight of the dancing flames in the dark on a "ice mountain", when the lights were dimmed. I guess if anyone who would like to propose using this dessert by hiding the ring in it, sure makes the whole event extra romantic. :) But make sure you consult with the manager first..whether the ring will melt by the fire. haha. The fire burns awhile, begin to smell of burning from the dessert. The flames dies after that.

The top layer of the dessert look and taste like sweet cotton ball, not too airy in texture. Inner part, the ice cream, fruits and meringue taste pretty good. Not too sweet. The smells of rum is quite mild now after the burned. Some of the black bits on the top parts result frm burning tasted like charcoal. Other than that the rest is an interesting experience. u know Feb 1st is Baked Alaska day??!! :)

Lastly, the tasty creme brulee (RM8) is divine! Tantalizing custard smell, with a tad of burnt brownish caramel on top. Take a mini spoonful, you can taste the smooth velvety soft egg custard texture and hint of caramel smell with its crispy crystallise on top.

Now, in between tasting the food. We did some cam whore session....well not some, ALOt!! After the dessert, Miu announced the best dress prizes to the Red Queen, continue to 2nd, 3rd n 4th best dressed winners. Followed with more quizzes. Everyone went home with a full filling stomach and yummy pretty prizes. Thanks Miu for organising such event!

Mad hatter's group photo courtesy of Miu.

The Smokehouse,
Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar.
Tel: 2288-1510

Friday, April 2, 2010

Private Seduction Party - Love Luca Lingerie

A few of us bloggers attended a "Private Seduction Party" hosted by Kim and Pat, on 27th march. Took awhile to get to find the way to Seapark Brickhouse. I have been reading the unique-ness of the interior of this guest house, now I've finally get the chance to see it.

It was located at the corner of a row of residential house. That's when we saw these sexy lingeries "welcome us" by the entrance. Actually we were pretty afraid of walking into the house, as we were "over- dressed"! LOL

But.....Kim saw us, and greeted us and me by my name! I was surprised by her good memory. :)
We signed our names on the guestbook and received a good bag. Awesome!
Took some photos, explored around the house, tasted the food, and do check out the "obscene cupcakes", saw some Yankee scented candles for sale and not to forget first and foremost the super sexy hot sizzling lingeries on display for sale.

Do you love this picture of an outdoor bathtub??

We camwhored alot at this spot for some artsy pictures!

Apart from all that, there's lucky draws and best dress award - one of the highlights in the evening!! The Best dressed will get to walk away with her favourite pick of a set of lingerie from Love Luca Lingerie!! I was so glad i won it!! Thankss Love Luca Lingerie!! Had also receive a lucky draw prize - a cash voucher of RM50 from Love Luca Lingerie. :)) While some of my frens got a cash voucher for spa treatment, which is good too!!

Walked home with my sexy prize!!

Lastly, the goodie bag consists of a lingerie calender, a sexy lingerie piece, RM15 Yankee candle cash voucher, RM68 cash voucher from Strips, RM20 Love Luca Lingerie cash voucher. Awesome!!!

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