Friday, April 2, 2010

Private Seduction Party - Love Luca Lingerie

A few of us bloggers attended a "Private Seduction Party" hosted by Kim and Pat, on 27th march. Took awhile to get to find the way to Seapark Brickhouse. I have been reading the unique-ness of the interior of this guest house, now I've finally get the chance to see it.

It was located at the corner of a row of residential house. That's when we saw these sexy lingeries "welcome us" by the entrance. Actually we were pretty afraid of walking into the house, as we were "over- dressed"! LOL

But.....Kim saw us, and greeted us and me by my name! I was surprised by her good memory. :)
We signed our names on the guestbook and received a good bag. Awesome!
Took some photos, explored around the house, tasted the food, and do check out the "obscene cupcakes", saw some Yankee scented candles for sale and not to forget first and foremost the super sexy hot sizzling lingeries on display for sale.

Do you love this picture of an outdoor bathtub??

We camwhored alot at this spot for some artsy pictures!

Apart from all that, there's lucky draws and best dress award - one of the highlights in the evening!! The Best dressed will get to walk away with her favourite pick of a set of lingerie from Love Luca Lingerie!! I was so glad i won it!! Thankss Love Luca Lingerie!! Had also receive a lucky draw prize - a cash voucher of RM50 from Love Luca Lingerie. :)) While some of my frens got a cash voucher for spa treatment, which is good too!!

Walked home with my sexy prize!!

Lastly, the goodie bag consists of a lingerie calender, a sexy lingerie piece, RM15 Yankee candle cash voucher, RM68 cash voucher from Strips, RM20 Love Luca Lingerie cash voucher. Awesome!!!

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