Friday, April 30, 2010

Wonderful Lovely April Birthday 2010

My birthday is on April 25th!! Know who else has the same birth date as me? My all-time favourite Jazz Diva -- Ella Fitzgerald and a charming cheeky actress - Renee Zellweger.

Others who born in the month of April:
Composer: Henry Mancini (Love all his songs)
Singers/artist : Charlie Chaplin, Doris Day, Billie Holiday
Actresses - Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba.
Actors: Robert Downey Jr.
Politician: Thomas Jefferson
Businessman: Ferrucio Lamborghini

It's great to know the great people who share the same month as me! I mayb a great people in future or jst a ordinary human. :)

This year I had a very awesome birthday with most of my dearly frens. It was not a one day celebration, but more than a day celebration. I'm feeling great to have spent my birthday with you lovely people, and loving my precious gifts!! Big Muaxx~~!!

Birthday cake came early tis yr, appeared on 22nd April! Thanks Cher, Crystal and Joan!! Received gift - Rose Quartz frm them on 23rd April, @ Vineria, BSC.

Thank u babes!!
Rose Quartz - to enhance relationship/friendship. :))

My first Coco Rouge lipstick receive from Tammy and Fatin!! Thanks babes!!
Never expected this from you guys!

Thomas Sabo bracelet from family! Followed on Japanese lunch at Kura Restaurant, One world hotel.

Bday dinner with my darling at Nero Teca.

~~~A Memorable April Birthday 2010~~~


Miu said...

fuh...... thomas sabo man.....

i also wan T_T

glad u like our gift.. to u... compare to thomas sabo n crystal n cake.. =_= no fight loh.. sorry economy no good lah...

Doroshi said...

Hey, dun compare gifts like that, that one give by elderly ma. Also the gifts u give is the matter of heart and your thoughts, not weigh by monetary values. :) I am glad to receive the Chanel lipstick, i didnt know u would take note on that. :) It's a suprise to me. hehe

Sherry said...

Happy belated birthday :D

Doroshi said...

Thanks Sherry! :)

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