Monday, February 28, 2011

Esmeria Organics

Last month, I was very glad to join Tammy together to attend the newly launched Esmeria Organics at the Bayan Indah Culinary Resort, Sungai Penchala.

I was mesmerized when I arrived at this beautiful place surrounded by greenery's. It's definitely a hidden paradise, and it's only a few mins away from TTDI.

This is the place where we learned all about Esmeria Organics. 

Esmeria Organics is the first Malaysian EcoCert organic skincare brand which uses advanced bio actives for real results. The creator behind Esmeria Organics and R&D Director of I-Green, Soo Kian Kheng believes that more Malaysian should have access to greener,safer and more affordable personal care products that are not only beneficial for them but Eco-friendly as well. I-Green company motto - Honesty, Trust & Transparency. Each product's ingredients will be listed on their packaging.

Have you seen Buds Organics?
Another range from I-Green Company, which develops for babies, mom and kids. They are successfully sold in worldwide.

Esmeria Organics face care range can be personalized with the 3-step cleanse, tone and moisturize concept. They are safe and simple to use. Esmeria Organics currently has 3 ranges of face care :
Alphine Willow Herb for oily and acne skin. 

Prickly Pear for normal to combination skin.

Glasswort for dry and mature skin.

After the briefing of the products, there's 2 session that we could choose to join, either cooking class on make your own organic face cream or mini facial with makeover. I opt for the latter. Connie was my beautician, I get the chance to try the prickly bear product range as it suits my skin. The smell of this range are fresh and light! 

After that, we were fed with all healthy organic food, even the chicken were organic too! The lunch were prepared by the famous cooking teacher - Rohani Jelani and her crew! Thank you for the wonderful  yummilicious food!

The hair care range, is free from chemicals, contains Butterfly Bush and Thyme. Which is one of my favourite! Love the light gel texture, smells natural, and foamy even without the use of SLS. Personally, I chose my skincare and haircare very carefully and prefer them to be organic with the least harmful chemicals. Now, this gonna make my life easier!

Thanks to Esmeria Organics who organised such a wonderful event!

 To find out more on Esmeria Organics, you can join Esmeria Facebook page, check out the list of stockist here or Justlife stores.
  The price are reasonable and affordable, starts at RM25.90.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine's Retreat 2011

Spent 3D2N at Avillion, Port Dickson for our Valentine's retreat. We opt for Pampering Retreat Package and upgraded to water chalet room. The package inclusive a 30 mins neck, scalp and back massage! I must say the massage and overall stay is AWESOME!!

4-poster bed, my childhood dreams of a princess bed, guess I've watched too much fairytale LOL. :P

All body, bath, shower and shampoo products are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Best of all chemical free and praben free! :)

Best part of the bathroom, shower under the sky!

Or moon bath! :)

The view outside my balcony. That's the Tumasek private beach in Avillion. The sound of waves that puts me to sleep at nite and wakes me up in the morning!

Taken at Tumasek beach, overlookin the water chalet..the last 3rd chalet is our room.

One of the swimming pool. There's two in Avillion.

Another pool next to the tennis court.

Noticed some of the rooms are vacant for upgrading process.

Spotted a bridal gallery here.

My fav place - Avi Spa! My Mr always said that whenever we wanna go there, i will walked twice faster than usual. LOL.

This is my first time sitting on such chair for my neck, scalp, shoulder and head massage. I would said this is the best way to do back massage, it's more effective than lying on the bed. You gotta try. The masseuse is superb here, they have magic fingers that makes my tensed muscles go away and feeling totally relaxed (am almost curled up like a kitten)! My Mr was totally addicted to massage, he enjoyed it very much!

The Avi lounge, another favourite place! A popular spot for bridal shoot too!

Avillion has its own pet farm too! It consists of peacocks, chickens, pigeons, doves, turtles, and rabbits! Am thrilled with all the cute rabbits around, and there is a feeding period at 10am daily.

Feeding the rabbit w veges. Their fur are so clean!

This rabbit could stand while I fed her. Bravo! :P

This is my most-loved and favourite rabbit. Cute isnt she? The only with pink ears!

This brown rabbit looks like the illustration of Peter Rabbit from Beatrix Potter. Am one of her fan, and hope to collect all her books! :)

If you're lucky, you will spot squirrels around! Awww.....they're so cute....

Peacocks are everywhere, you'll see them walking near the pool, or next to your table while you're having breakfast, or on the roof.

♥ Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

Friday, February 11, 2011

Yamada Restaurant @ SS15

SS15 Subang Jaya is booming with Japanese restaurants, I guess more Japanese expatriates are moving to this area. Discovered a new Japanese restaurant at SS15, Subang Jaya. Same row as Rakuzen, Jyu- raku, opposite SJMC hospital.

We checked the menu set out here, and it was quite reasonable priced. But when we sat down, we saw the dinner set was quite expensive, and later did we know the menu set they put outside, the price stated for lunch sets. =__=

We ordered a dinner set (RM62) which has grilled Unagi, Tempura, and Salmon Sashimi and side order (RM19) Spider Maki. The starter is yummie, especially addicted to the radish on the left.

Cawanmushi is great too, very smooth and light egg smell.

Salmon sashimi cut into thick slice, i thought it will come in thin slices like other restaurants. They are fresh, without fishy smells, excellent!

The grilled Unagi was superbbb!!! This is fat Unagi, unlike the thin Unagi that i had on usual days. It was cooked to perfection with taste.

Guess what?? The skin of the grilled unagi was so tasty that I have finished it all by myself! Usually I will left out the skin, becoz of the fishy smell and i dislike those gooey texture of the skin in my mouth. but this one was special! The skin was medium crisp and not gooey texture. I like!

Tempura, great!

My Mr. loves the Spider Maki, becoz the generous spread of mayonnaise! The filling is so good, you can actually taste each different ingredient in this maki. Am definitely gona come back here for their set lunch. :)

Yamada Japanese Restaurant
No.5 Jln SS15/5A,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Reservation: 03-5631-7039

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Happie Chinese New Year!!!
Wish this Rabbit year will bring you all the good luck, good food, and best health and happiness to you all! :)
Share with you some nice pretty red packet design. I have collected this cny. Share with me if you have any nice design red packet. :) 
 Rabbit year with rabbit red packet! Love this limited edition Rabbit red packet.
Another favourite that add to my collection, Crabtree & Evelyn red packet! Lovely flower design. :)
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