Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine's Retreat 2011

Spent 3D2N at Avillion, Port Dickson for our Valentine's retreat. We opt for Pampering Retreat Package and upgraded to water chalet room. The package inclusive a 30 mins neck, scalp and back massage! I must say the massage and overall stay is AWESOME!!

4-poster bed, my childhood dreams of a princess bed, guess I've watched too much fairytale LOL. :P

All body, bath, shower and shampoo products are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Best of all chemical free and praben free! :)

Best part of the bathroom, shower under the sky!

Or moon bath! :)

The view outside my balcony. That's the Tumasek private beach in Avillion. The sound of waves that puts me to sleep at nite and wakes me up in the morning!

Taken at Tumasek beach, overlookin the water chalet..the last 3rd chalet is our room.

One of the swimming pool. There's two in Avillion.

Another pool next to the tennis court.

Noticed some of the rooms are vacant for upgrading process.

Spotted a bridal gallery here.

My fav place - Avi Spa! My Mr always said that whenever we wanna go there, i will walked twice faster than usual. LOL.

This is my first time sitting on such chair for my neck, scalp, shoulder and head massage. I would said this is the best way to do back massage, it's more effective than lying on the bed. You gotta try. The masseuse is superb here, they have magic fingers that makes my tensed muscles go away and feeling totally relaxed (am almost curled up like a kitten)! My Mr was totally addicted to massage, he enjoyed it very much!

The Avi lounge, another favourite place! A popular spot for bridal shoot too!

Avillion has its own pet farm too! It consists of peacocks, chickens, pigeons, doves, turtles, and rabbits! Am thrilled with all the cute rabbits around, and there is a feeding period at 10am daily.

Feeding the rabbit w veges. Their fur are so clean!

This rabbit could stand while I fed her. Bravo! :P

This is my most-loved and favourite rabbit. Cute isnt she? The only with pink ears!

This brown rabbit looks like the illustration of Peter Rabbit from Beatrix Potter. Am one of her fan, and hope to collect all her books! :)

If you're lucky, you will spot squirrels around! Awww.....they're so cute....

Peacocks are everywhere, you'll see them walking near the pool, or next to your table while you're having breakfast, or on the roof.

♥ Happy Valentine's Day! ♥


Isabel said...

wow lovely spot!! actually.. i like that kinda bed too LOLLL

Doroshi said...

Hi5 Isabel! :)

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

i love ur this spot!!! simple but full of info, wish i'm lucky enough to visit avillion one day, wink2

Doroshi said...

Ayna: So happie that you like it! U WILL get to visit in future! :))

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

oppsss, typooo, i really meant to write down "post" instead of spot up there, hehehe =P

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