Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday @ KL

Today is a tiring yet fun day. From Lot10 breakfast to Pavilion to redeem my free express nail color and filling from Colour Couture (got the voucher from Bazaar magazine last mth). Left Pavilion to Amy Beh's free cookin demo at Armada hotel, then to North point to get a free fringe cut, then to Bangsar for some boutique shopping, then head home.
So morning we started our late breakfast at Lot10 ground floor food court around 11am. We had this and this....all shown in the pics, except curry mee and pork noodles. Forgot to take pics of them..haha. The pork noodles is good, same goes with the pork balls soup, I find the pork balls have very smooth texture, don't fancy rough texture pork balls.

Porridge comes with fried intestines. Porridge is very big bowl, but forgot to take pic of it.

I find the fried oyster a lil' salty.

Egg roll popiah, something new yet nothing special. We saw many people que at this popiah stall, so we thought give it a try. Turns out the skin not properly wrap, the inside ingredients all fall out, but is OK.

Loh mee, Ti's good.

After food, walked over to Pavilion. I saw a lot of red lanterns hanging at the entrance of Pavilion and colorful flowers decorated at the front of main entrance. Cherry blossom trees lining at the sides of Pavilion. It gives us a very pleasant feeling seeing all these. :)

When we were inside of the concourse level, lanterns and water lilies decorated the centre concourse, lined with interesting stalls selling Chinese new year decorations and some chinese deco pieces. Saw many MANY people que-up and the steps leading to the centre stage. Pavilion 2nd anniversary celebration!!! They are waiting to grab some good gifts!! I am interested on the colorful cupcakes and giveawayss!! I wonder what's inside the goodie bags. Is pretty crazy, those people, young, old, whole family already que up since 12noon, and the event at the centre stage only starts at 2pm. But too bad I got to leave to Amy Beh cooking class at Armada hotel at 2pm.

I find this porcelain flute interesting! :)

To be continuee...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Goth Hello Kitty with bling bling!!!

Iriver's came out with this Goth Hello Kitty Portable Media Player, love the bling bling Swarovski ribbon!! Although am not a hello kitty fans, but Goth hello kitty is sexy and cool!!
More info abt this PMP, click here.

The 4GB PMP runs ¥9,980 (around $111) and is available in Japan now. If your girlfrend loves Hello kitty, you know what you can get for her this Valentine's Day. ;)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cittabella February issue 2010

Get sexy for CNY (which coincidentally falls on valentines day too) !
This February 2010 issue of Citta Bella magazine is giving out a booklet of La Senza discount vouchers for their readers.

All vouchers valid till 21st Feb 2010.

Subak restaurant @ Bukit Lanjan

Celebrated my darling's birthday at Subak last monday. Love this place, as it is close to the nature and the food reasonably priced and good! The restaurant is peaceful, and relaxing and has a hint of Baliness. The menu has wide ranges, malay food, western and hawkers food too. The place is perfect for garden functions such as weddings, parties, family and frends gathering.

Gado-gado - traditional blanced salad serve with very very yummy peanut sauce!

Japanese style fried crispy spring rolls
Baliness style chicken soto

Best ever tasted Curry mee, with fresh water prawns!

Braised lamb shank marsala- braised for 4 hours, with sauteed vegetables, marinated salad and sweet potato mash. A must try!!

Subak smoozer: creamy vanilla combined with passion fruit. This is good!!

Subak's Breezer: Mix of soda with fruit syrup

Our dessert: Es teller, - chopped jack fruit, avocado, nata de coco, coconut flesh and attap seed, drench in chilled coconut cream.

Here is the map of Subak. It's jst 5 mins from Curve Damansara.
Restaurant Address:
Lot 3213 Jalan Penchala Indah
Bukit Lanjan 60000
Kuala Lumpur

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Post Miu's Super Party!

Miu's superhero party!!
(above: Super Miu Vs Catwoman)

I finally won the comic contest to go to Miu's Super birthday party organise by Kiehl's!! Yippe...and I've decided to go to the superhero party at 1utama, with my cat mask, and my own black costume, So this will be a Contemporary Catgal 2010 version!! Meowwrrrr

The party was great, best thing was I won a consolation prize for best dress. Woo hoo!! Thanks to kiehls!! I've got a bag of samples from kiehl's!!

The party also left me some unforgettable memories. This is the first time I played dress up as a superhero. LOL!! Before I reach Kiehl's Miu's bday party. I headed to Parkson Anna Sui to have a mini make over to compliment my catgal looks. The Anna Sui makeup artist is superb, she did an extra smokey eye on me and added glitters on eyes area. My eyes was dramatic!! When the makeover is done, is time to put on my cat mask, I was actually pretty nervous. Afraid if I walk around in 1utama with my mask, with a all-black suit, people might arrest me. (heart pumping). The makeup artist said "oh, dun be silly." Calms me a little.

Luckily when I walk to the entrance of parkson, there is a escalator infront. Wow..I don't need to walk a big round to reach Kiehl's. Oppps....but when i took the escalator dwn, a few people already staring at me with a puzzled look. In their head, they might be thinkin maybe there's a superhero movie coming up or roadshow in 1utama??? Ohh...and there, when I reach the ground, I saw a family with kids, poor kids saw me they ran...and said..."ahh batman..." Another couple outside of a shop, spotted me, stopped and said...."look....catwoman!!" Then another couple, left his wife, and followed me behind and kept asked me "why do you wear like this, where do you go??" I was so embarass, and try not to look at everyone, and keep walkin fast, and pretended to call someone from my phone. But that guy seem to follow me n waitin for my answer, so I replied him by saying "I'm goin to a party here", without turning my head to see him.

I walked even faster with my heart beating fast. I look up on my left, there i saw Kiehl's shop!! My heart relieved, and i saw alot of Miu's frend already there with their masks and costume, now am part of them. Phewww....

The party was great! We enjoyed very much. Thanks to Miu who invited me to the party. Hope to attend more such partiess and Kiehl's always have great parties!!

Super Miu and Catwoman

Catwoman and The Fly Devil

P/S: Pls vote me by clickin "Like" at my profile pic with my comic entry at Kiehl's Facebook wall ya. , thanks for ur support!! Muaxxx

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Comic strip for enter Miu's Kiehl's Super Birthday Party

This is fun, putting text to comic strip! Hopefully i could win to enter to be the first 20 super fans for Miu's Kiehl's birthday party! There's going to be games, prizes, goodie bags and so much more fun stuffs to do! Also Kiehl's is going to launch their Organic, Damage-Repairing Acai Berry skincare range in this party!

Why am doing this comic strip and bloggin abt it? Coz am a follower of Miu's blog. Kiehl's is goin to have a bday party for Miu. Wohooo! How awesome is that?? Futhermore, Miu is giving away Kiehl's grapefruit gift!!! I hope i will win this by bloggin abt her Super birthday party happening in 1utama, 15th January 2010, 6-8pm.

For more info, do click on her blog to win this awesome gift!! :)

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