Sunday, January 10, 2010

Comic strip for enter Miu's Kiehl's Super Birthday Party

This is fun, putting text to comic strip! Hopefully i could win to enter to be the first 20 super fans for Miu's Kiehl's birthday party! There's going to be games, prizes, goodie bags and so much more fun stuffs to do! Also Kiehl's is going to launch their Organic, Damage-Repairing Acai Berry skincare range in this party!

Why am doing this comic strip and bloggin abt it? Coz am a follower of Miu's blog. Kiehl's is goin to have a bday party for Miu. Wohooo! How awesome is that?? Futhermore, Miu is giving away Kiehl's grapefruit gift!!! I hope i will win this by bloggin abt her Super birthday party happening in 1utama, 15th January 2010, 6-8pm.

For more info, do click on her blog to win this awesome gift!! :)

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