Sunday, December 12, 2010

Japanese magazines with their freebies!

Here are some snap shots of some latest issue of Japanese Magazines that comes with free bags!

Q-pot magazine, free a chocolate -bar design bag!

Crystal Ball magazine, I bought one of these, available in 3 colors - orange, white and black. I picked the white one.

Bag in black, the zipper is in gold. Didnt took picture of this bag, but saw it at the enquiry desk.

Glimpse of the orange bag. All came with a velvety pouch bigger than my palm, can keep your handphone, keys..etc

Boofoowoo magazine, the 3 little pigs so cute!

The free bag is fanciful looking!

Helo Kity fans gona lurve these :)

Free a huge tote bag, quite good material.

Sanrio anniversary magazine

Gelato Pique winter collection
This bag is so pretty!

Anterprima magazine, gave out a very elegant tote bag!

Spotted this! Of coz, not in the Japanese magazine department. :P
Alice's Adventures Wonderland hard cover book, cool design cover and the pages are lined with gold lining. You can guess the price is not cheap for this book!

~~The END ~~


Tammy Miu said...

wow out of the mags.. i think i like gelato pique the most and that alice in wonderland book..looks.... amazing...artsy

Doroshi said...

Yes, me n u like gelato pique too! But i didnt buy it becoz no zipper, and it wil be easily pick-pocketed. The Alice book is lookin great!

Barleygreen said...

how much is the sanrio anniversay mag ??

Doroshi said...

Hi Barleygreen! The price i forgotten to write down... the price range of these magazines are around RM50- RM90/RM110, The Crystal Ball magazine is arnd RM82

With Love, Elle said...

ooo is that a boston terrier??? thats my number one dog!
me & stellar used to be crazy over mooks, but now i tink we got too many grocery bags hehe

xoxo elle

Doroshi said...

ohh ya, i think is boston terrier, how silly me call it a pug lol.
One can never have enuff bags. :P

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