Saturday, June 5, 2010

Whisk @ Empire Gallery, Subang

This is the 2nd time lunch with my besties at Empire Gallery. It became a routine that we will go there for lunch every one of the weekdays. Not long ago, we went there to grab some UFOs from The Loaf....and we had lunch at Teh Tarik Place..and i ordered the nasi kerabu, which is very good, just that they forgotten to put in the salted egg...oh and the service is BAD! ( No pic for tis, forgot to bring along my camera)

I had my lunch "tiny" lunch @ Tarbush this time. They have 2 choice of set lunch to choose @ Rm15.90nett. So i ordered the nasi briyani, when my food arrive..oh my god..the nasi briyani is so Little!!! The chicken is tasteless, but the rice pretty ok. Sigh..disappointed...Am a super fan of nasi briyani seriously! To make myself happie again, I told my besty Miss. C to proceed to another outlet to have some dessert to fulfil my happiness.

~~~~WHISK - Espresso Bar/Bake Shop~~~

So I suggested we go to Whisk, since I've walked past this shop many times and never got the chance to try them. Check out the mirrors and wooden stools of Whisk, is similar to one of a coffee place I visited when i was London. Check out the comparison pics I've post below.

Whisk interior settings - mirrors on the wall and tables attached to the walls and wooden stools. Whisk brings back some memories....

A coffee place in London..
These pics took 7 or 8 yrs ago! Ohh My..ages time flies. Long mirror on the wall and table attached to the wall too. I have forgotten the name of tis cafe in London. This one look more like a classic coffee place, with customers standing and sipping their coffee and chatting away. Take a look at the reflection of the mirror, u see tons of things placing on the shelf, coffee beans, picture framess. I always thought the pic on the Right, looks like a coffee advertisement. LOL!!

Ok..back to Whisk, sumptous cakesss on display!

We picked the RED VELVET CAKE(RM11+) because it looks interesting and bloody red in color! The gal told us this cake has a mixture of chocolate and vanilla and some other things mix together...not very helpful in explaning the ingredients...but we could taste the choc and vanilla in the cake, moist type of cake with cream cheese frosting. Like it!

BAGEl with cream cheese (RM6+). The bagel is very fresh and although is quite plain looking but the taste of cream cheese and the bread goes well. This definitely paired damn well with a cup of tea/coffee.

The texture of the bagel is quite fork tender on the top, but the bottom is pretty hard to slice it off when you're this is what we pair of hand to cut/slice the bagel while a third hand to hold the plate to prevent the bagel flying off. :)

Whisk Espresso Bar + Bake Shop
LG 03A Empire Shopping Gallery
Subang Jaya
Mon - Sun: 10:00 - 22:00


FatiN said...

wow doroshi u look so young in the pic!! lol!

i miss those london cafes.. *sigh*

Doroshi said... young n fresh i was and without any makeup at all!!

I missed shopping there Airasia X to fly there :P

taufulou said...

eh eh, empire loook like they have alot of unique cafe's..

Doroshi said...

unique ones only one or two la...not many..

stellarvixen said...

hurray you tried whisk!
sure bring back some memories right~

i wanna try the velvet cake next!

you looked soo parisian in those photos~!

u still looked fab now!

Doroshi said...

Awww thanks...parisian look becoz of the beret i guess. :)

Yup do try the velvet cake! Am so into rouge cakes now lol.

icee-yah said...

i used the red velvet cake pic in your blog in mine.:)tq

Doroshi said...

icee: thanks for telling, go ahead and use it :)

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