Saturday, June 19, 2010

Indulgence Event, Kiehl's Pajama party, SATC2

I was very lucky to be invited to last friday Indulgence event organised by KLCC. The event started around 5.30pm and ends around 6.30pm @ The Apartment, KLCC. When i was there, I saw some familiar faces, Fatin, Rane, Kelly, and Cia Wei! We were fed with finger food, and some delicious cheese cakes and mini cream puffs.

The event started off with the talk of Talika - a new brand in town came from Paris! Talika's products are mostly eye care. One of their best seller - Talika's Lipocils - treatments for eye lashes - it extends, restores colors and more curls on eye lashes. Up to 36% longer in 28 days! Lipocils Expert contains 12 plant extracts in it. The Eye Dream is a rejuvenating and hydrating eye masks.

Next on the list, RMk makeup demo on their latest gel emulsion foundation!
The texture is smoother than the normal powder type foundation. It feels creamy and moist at first but dries down to a nice lightweight smooth powdery finish after application.

We get to test on the RMK gel emulsion and Spring collection Isssey Miyake EDT for men and woman. The green bottle is for men (RM215), and the purple bottle is for women (RM228).

Followed by Fashion shows by BCBG (pic above), and Miss Sixty (pic below), am a very big fan of BCBG their gorgeous dresses...

Both brands shows alot of Spring colors on their clothes!

This is the EXCITING part - Lucky draw!!! I was telling my frens on my table that i wish i could win the Talika stuff, and next my name was called on stage!!! So lucky!!

My lucky draw gifts - a Talika Eye Detox and a RMK Massage Balm!! Am on Cloud nine!!!

Fatin, another lucky one!!! Her lucky draw is Miss Sixty necklaces!! Congrates dear!! :))

Our goodie bag from Indulgence Event consist of a RMK cleansing oil 30ml, RMk Skintunner Ex Moist 30ml, RMK liquid foundation shade 103 SPF14 15ml, RMk Face protector SPF31, A Scent by Issey Miyaki EDT vial and a sample of Talika Eye Decompress. Additional 5 vouchers in the goodie bag consist of: RMk complimentary makeover, special discount voucher for Talika eye dream & eye detox set @ RM295, BCBG RM50 gift voucher, RM100 gift voucher from Miss Sixty and special discount voucher for purchasing A Scent by Issey Miyaki EDT @ RM129.

Eye Decompress close-up, amazing tablet tat could transforms into an eye mask that refreshes and reduces swelling around the eyes while soothing and calming tired eyes.

Indulgence event ends around 6.30pm, so since we have some time to run over to Parkson hopin to take pictures of the Lancome Tresor entourage gals who dressed up in Audrey Hepburn style. Unfortunately, they left long before we reach there. Tresor in Love perfume bottle is pretty and am so in love with the powdery scent! The set on the right sellin @ RM260 in Parkson, KLCC.

Next stop, Kiehl's Isetan - Pajama party! They're launching the new Midnight Recovery Concentrate! The Midnight Recovery Concentrate has 99.8% naturally-derived and paraben-free botanical elixir works all night to regenerate, repair and replenish the skin barrier for younger-looking skin by morning. The rich blend of naturally replenishing botanical oils including Squalane, Evening Primrose, and a blend of essential oils known for their therapeutic, balancing, and antioxidant effects, works with the skin's natural nocturnal activity to dramatically restore skin by morning. Use one to two drops before you go to sleep. I tried one drop on the back of my hands, I find it abit oily and difficult to absorb into my skin.
The midnight recovery concentrate cost RM200 for 30ml.

Goodies from Kiehls - travel size Olive fruit shampoo, Ultra face moisturiser and Midnight recovery concentrate sample 2ml!

Last stop, Pavilion to redeem Sex and The City2 movie tickets from Body Shop. Thanks to Wings for the tickets. Because she couldn't turn up, so I get to take over her place. Again here, we were fed with finger food, and fruity drinks, and a goodie bag which entitle us for the free movie, and free popcorn and Coke, a booklet of discount vouchers a Delipscious lipstick frm Body Shop! Sex in the city 2 is hilariously funny and is great to watch with your gal frens to have a good laugh together!

All goodies and lucky draw gifts collected for the day!


With Love, Elle said...

u lucky gal, such lovely giftssss

xoxo elle
ps: u got a beautiful palette too! cant wait to see u use that green coral blue coffret~

Doroshi said...

Elle: Thanks!
Am not good in using and blending the palatte la, u need to teach me step by step, can u provide that in ur blog?? :) Duno y when i apply the color shadow on my eye..the color doesnt stick even i hav put on eye primer n concealer.

stellarvixen said...

wwwwooooww!! i wanna followw you too!
banzai for luckywinners~!

lemming over talika lash serum!do you know how much?

goodiess all for FOC! what a fab day!

thankQ for helping me with the denim shorts~ me going for A too! hopefully there is stock

finished something or hit the pan only then i can go for some indulgence! dont wanna be a hoarder T__T

Doroshi said...

If am not mistake, the talika lash serum is arnd RM180.

Arigato for followin me :) XOXO!!

FatiN said...

Thanks for putting my name down for the Indulgence event!

Because of you I got a really pretty Miss Sixty necklace!! :D

Doroshi said...

Fatin: Dun mention la! :)
Ur so lucky! :)

vialentino said...

hi hi doroshi...nice bloggie here...first time visiting u here...will come back here often...

Doroshi said...

Thank u for visitin ! :))

Miu said...

T_T so sad i could not lepaskan diri from work early that night.. missed indulgence, 1/2 of kiehl's party.. and 1/2 of body shop satc party arghhh....

btw congrats on winning the lucky draw!!! :D very lucky loh!!!! i wish i can win lucky draws T_T i alwiz can't~!!!!

Doroshi said...

Dear miu,
I envy u can win itu Estee Lauder worth 1krm products weiii....Tats one more keng laaa...

Harim Hamdan said...

hi sound like ur lucky day altogether, with the freebies and lucky draw!

it was my lucky day too as i got to claim the lasenza voucher i won on fb.
i couldn't stay long for the indulgence event, but met fatin before that.

well, hopefully the lucky day will came back at us soon ;)

btw, how is talika product? i only got to sample the one in the goodie bag...

Doroshi said...

Hi Harim!
Yup, am a lucky gal!! whheeee

Congrates to u too! I also wan La Senza vouchers hahah

Talika eye detox pretty good, i dun use everyday, sometimes i forgot, but it does combat puffiness of my eyes, dark rings still got la..i think becoz of the late nite world cup haha

Harim Hamdan said...

owh really?
how much is it ya?

so far, i think khielys did good job on my eyes.
lesser dark circle.

Doroshi said...

Hav to constantly use to see the result..and my eyes not suitable to use cream type, so gel is suitable for me. Not sure the price i think is within 160-200rm range.

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