Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coffee dessert - Terrace @ Hock Choon

Spent my Saturday afternoon chillin out with my bestie at Illy Cafe @ Terrace, Hock Choon. If you have read my previous entry on Terrace...this has been my 2nd time, and am lovin' tis place. It was a hot saturday afternoon outside the cafe, but we enjoyed the super cold air-conditioned inside the cafe. I ordered the Affogato, a coffee based dessert, this comes with 2 huge scoop of vanilla ice-cream and 6 mashmallows on the side!! Cute! My first time having affogato with mashmallows, something new for me! My bestie commented that this must be a girly drink if it comes with mashmallows hahah...well i guess he may be right. Actually i have forgotten that I still have sorethroat and cough, but after seeing the huge ice creams makes my heart wheeeeee! Yes and now am suffering frm more coughss... -_-

Yummiee Affogato (RM13)..the best i had this far!

Something new in my cake list! Velvet rouge cake (RM13)- made of beetroot, I thought it gonna taste bitter or weird...but the waitress assured me it wont taste bitter, but it's not gonna be too sweet either. Yes, she was right on this, not too sweet, medium sweet suit my taste, and moist.

My bestie ordered ice cuppucino (RM9)...forgot to ask him about his review on this. Update later then...

Illy cafe, Terrace @ Hock Choon
241-B Lorong Nibong, off Jalan Ampang
Behind Hock Choon Supermarket.
Opposite SuCasa Hotel.
Call or SMS: 017.209.8477
Opening hours
8:00am-10:30pm everyday


taufulou said...

ahhh..the red velvet looks good. . . the last round i went there also didnt notice that they got cakes`

Doroshi said...

I didnt see it on display, but is in the menu, sometimes they have cake of the day. U got to ask :)

Aishah said...

Hi doroshi,
thanks for reviewing our cake! we supply for Terrace at hock choon. Really appreciate it... Yup it's unfortunate that the cakes are not displayed.. It's in the menu so I hope it still won't deter customers to try it.. :)

Doroshi said...

Hi Aishah! Wow your red velvet cake are delicious! I wana know where else eg which cafe we can find your cakes beside Terrace? Me n my frens are cake lovers!! :)

Aishah said...

Hi doroshi,
I make my cakes to order only, besides supplying to Terrace. Do visit my website to look at more cakes! Our bestseller other than the Velvet Rouge is the Cookies N' cream!


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