Saturday, May 15, 2010

Amante Body Massage

Not long ago, Miu's blog posted an entry on Amante Nail Spa and Body Care @ Solaris, Mt Kiara, new branch opening special - free trial for first-timers! I went to their opening register and pick the 30 mins free trial aromatherapy body massage. Another priviledge for first timers - you get to buy another treatment voucher at 70% off! I bought the 90mins Aromatherapy body massage voucher @ RM35. What a steal!

I remembered they assigned me a China masseuse for me on the first trial - aromatherapy body massage. The massage was fine, but i find that her pressure quite strong though am the person could stand pain. My neck and back usually feel pain when massage. The masseuse commented that the problem may caused from stress or prolong sitting (I think tis may be true as my profession requires me to sit for hours). She is pretty keen "softens" my stress point at my back, end up I went home with some pain on my neck and back.

Today, I went back for my 2nd aromatherapy body massage which last for 90 mins. This time the massage is longer than the first time, and is kinda different from the first trial. My masseuse is a malay lady, she is very good, the way she massage is very consistent and there is no long pauses or rush moment. I feel very relaxed under her massage, the pressure is medium, something about her massage and the process she do it, I have to say i Love it! It makes me falls asleep after that. That's a wonderful massage I must say. Again, the most tense point is still at my back and neck. Sigh....

After the massage, they served me hot ginger tea! So refreshin! For our 2nd return customers, there's another deal Amante offers - 30% off on any treatment which cost above 100RM. So i chose Relaxing body scrub & Jacuzzi milk bath @ 68.60RM after discount! I love such offers provided by Amante, as am not the person who would sign up a series of treatments package.

Check out their other branches here.

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