Thursday, May 20, 2010

Clinique - Passport to pretty event

Found this event @ Miu's blog. I was out in 1utama yesterday, found their roadshow just right outside Charles and Keith's shop.

A malay male consultant attend to me, ask a series of question concerning my face. One of the question, he asked that if I did not apply sunblock, did my face feel red or turn darker the day itself or next day. I told him i never go out without my sunblock, but he asked again what if?....hmm..

Anyway, he concluded my skin is dry/combination type, but lack of water. So he intro me the basic 3-step skincare system frm Clinique which suits my skin. He did a demo of all the following products on my hand.

Step 1: Cleansing soap liquid: mild

Step 2: Clarifyin lotion no.2
This one works as toner and also act as first layer exfoliate. According to the consultant, double exfoliate - scrub. He said we should exfoliate using tis toner twice a day, so the next step = moisturiser can be fully absorb to the skin.

Step 3: Dramatically different - moisturising lotion
I did see a dramatic result on 2 hands, one hand of mine has exfoliate, and put on this moisturiser, is very fast absorbing..only a few rubs/ massage into the hand.
Another hand, without exfoliate, when apply the moisturiser, needed to massage more so it takes longer time to absorb into the skin. Therefore, a exfoliate skin, will get deeper penetration of the moisturiser.

After the basic 3 step skincare, he introduced a 3 whitening products. They are Derma white Brightening Essence, Micro-motion C- Serum, and Derma White Sunblock.

This Micro motion C serum - it has rollers on it, for you to massage the serum into the spots/pigmentation area.

Derma white sunblock.

This is an additional add-on for my dehydration skin. One of Clinique's best seller - Moisture Surge, the texture is quite watery, and not oily, suitable for thirsty skin like mine.

Lastly, I asked him to show me one of their talk of the town long lasting lip balm which most runway models used for their chap lips. He showed me this lip treatment superbalm, this is not in their cosmetic range, but under their skincare range. This little tube cost RM50, good things comes in small quantity??

I tried the lip treatment, always have chapped lips on the upper lip. I prefer this than Kiehl's lip balm, tis is not as oily as Kiehl's, pretty uncomfy feelin on my lips.probably the texture. Clinique's lip treatment has lip gloss shiny effect and well moisturised.

At the end of the consultation, I was handed a Clinique mini lipstick in twighlight nude color. The color is similar to a peach color.

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