Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ecoparadise - Anti-Oxidant Hot Bed Therapy

Last Tuesday afternoon, I was quite free. I was checking on the mirror notice i have dull skin and dark circles and eye bags result from lack of sleep the night before, as the weather so hot it kinda disturb my sleep.

A fren's recommendation, I finally tried something new which is the Anti-oxidant hot bed therapy at Ecoparadise Anti-oxidant Rejuvenation Therapy Centre, Ss15, Subang Jaya. They have few branches here in Malaysia, originated from Japan. Since they have promotion now for first timer, 3 sessions for 48rm! What a steal!

First i paid up at the counter, then they direct me to the locker room, and dress in their yukata. Then directed me to the hot bed therapy room and not forget to bring in a water tumbler provided by them which contains anti-oxidant water to drink. It felt like a sauna room, but the difference is the temperature is being control at a level and without increasing. I only needed to be in there for 45 mins, i had the room all by myself, accompany by soft music. She also said since am first timer, i could stay until 30 mins, but i manage to stay till 40 mins.

The lady asked me to put the long towel on the hot therapy bed, which is on the dark chocolate tiles, and the small towel on top of the wooden block to rest my head. Asked me to drink the water from the tumbler if I get thirsty.

For the first 15 mins, I felt quite hot but after that my body kinda accustomed to the heat. I don't feel that hot anymore, but am still continue sweating especially on my face and neck, and my hands, surprisingly my legs none. I don't feel suffocating inside the room. Which is good, usually I'm quite rejected to sauna, becoz i cant stand the heat, and I remembered once i stand at the entrance of the sauna, i could immediately felt my skin is burning n cracking.

After 40 mins, I came out of the room feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Seated at the hallway waiting to be cool down, when a gal served me a small cup of very refreshing enzyme drink. After coolin down for 20 mins or more, went shower. The shower room equipped with filtered water and "anti-oxidant liquid soap" can be use as shampoo and body shampoo, very light weight texture liquid.

After the shower, i checked on the mirror notice my face skin was not dull anymore and dark circles miraculously disappeared. My face skin brightens like someone who has enough sleep and water and energy! My hands and legs skin turned out smooth even without lotion. Lastly I felt my body so much lighter walking out from the shop feeling extremely relaxed.Here are some information I gathered at the Ecoparadise Anti-oxidant Rejuvenation Therapy Center. They utilize cutting edge technologies newly developed by Japanese laboratories, and it is the first of its kind to be established outside of Japan.

Here are some information I've taken from Becklee's blog about Ecoparadise Anti-oxidant Rejuvenation Therapy Center.

"They utilize cutting edge technologies newly developed by Japanese laboratories, and it is the first of its kind to be established outside of Japan.

Using breakthrough techniques, a process has been developed whereby a concentrated anti-oxidant solution derived from friendly micro-organisms is impregnated into building materials. Utilizing a unique construction process, the Center operates on a principle similar to a Roman caldarium, whereby hot water piped beneath the anti-oxidant treated tiles heats up the tiles and releases the anti-oxidants into the air above.

Visitors to the Center will be enfolded in an anti-oxidant rich environment, relaxing in a climate controlled chamber, where temperature (41°C – 43°C ) and humidity levels (20% – 40%) are monitored for the comfort of the visitors and they emerge from the Center rejuvenated and refreshed."

The list of Ecoparadise outlets in Malaysia.
Latest outlets: Gardens Mid Valley (03-22874019), Jaya One, PJ (03-79563336).


Kelly said...

interesting. i like this kind of therapy. will go to their sunway mas branch. 3 sessions rm48 very good deal. thanks for sharing this infor.

Doroshi said...

Ur welcome Kelly! Tell us ur feedback then. :)

Sherry said...

oh nice.. so one session is 40 min? how many session u go already? afraid later they ask to do more.. then keep pay.

email me their contact?

sherrygo at hotmail dot com

Doroshi said...

Sherry: I went once, so i got 2 more sessions to go. Erm they are not pushy though. The ss15 i went.

Here is the list of their outlets:

Find the one most convenient for u to go. :)

Yen said...

Dear Doroshi, Kelly, and Sherry,

I would just like to inform you that there are actually 2 other Ecoparadise outlets in KL, the latest one is at the Gardens Mid Valley (03-22874019), and we also have another one at Jaya One, PJ (03-79563336). The website has not been updated. (Also because these outlets are under different management) But all offer the same services.

As for the prices, we have quite a variety of packages that come down to about RM17.50/session which is really not expensive at all, plus you can share the package with your friends.

Do feel free to email me, if you have any questions. Thank you and enjoy your therapy!

andy1 said...

Ecoparadise therapy has given Winnie a new lease of life. Having suffered from lupus for 22 years, she was unable to find work as fatigue set in often and she needed three days to recuperate from three hours of computer work. See here:

Anonymous said...

The service at SS15 branch that my friend and I went recently was very bad. The people there were rude and didn't told us what to do when we were first timers, keep hurrying their customers up when there were no customers after that and forcing people who can't take the treatment into the room without considering individual tolerance. I suggest others to avoid that branch. Having lots of actively discounted sites with discounts, the reason why they they were so rude.

Kidbux said...

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