Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Color lenses

I have been wearing color lenses for almost half a year. So this post is about my experience with color lenses.

Geo 2 Tone Nudy Grey
Code: CH625

Natural grey color with a hint of light blue under the sunlight. Unfortunately, this picture didn't show that. It has enlarging effect on my eyes, and comfortable too. Natural for daily wear.

Princess Nudy Violet

It was uncomfortable, and sting my eyes when first time wearing them. So, I removed them and soak with my solution for a nite before wearing them. After that, no irration occur. This lenses made my eyes super huge, as the diameter is 14.7mm. I reckon that the violet color is too striking under bright daylight. So I prefer wearing them at evening/night, when they don't look so violet but brownish in color.

Honey Wing Series
OL104 - Ash wing

This lenses are grey in color with a thick black outer rim, so it makes the pupil more prominent. Inside the rim, it has a hint of blue greenish color under different daylight. It's pretty fun to wear this lens, as the color differs under different light. This is my most favourite comfy color lense. In this picture, I added falsies to compliments the lenses, top with Coffret D'or shimmer green eye shadows. Oh, isn't my brows pretty and neat? I had them style at Shu Uemura counter! :)

There is one more color lens which is honey color (OL103) from Honey wing series, which I've forgotten to snap picture in it. It didnt make much difference on my eyes, coz it has the same color as my eyes. So my next buy, I will only pick color lens which differs from my original eye color.

I bought my color lenses from these 2 blogs: Miss Lens and Classic Geo Lens


Isabel said...

Ooo the Ash Wing actually looks good! (Honey Wing is the brown one)

I didn't like the Geo Nudy Grey. It sorta made my eyes look 'empty' and it was extremely uncomfortable. By far, the most comfy ones I've tried are all Geo Angels

Doroshi said...

Oh Ash wing looks good, but honey wing does nothing on my eyes lol.

I would try Geo angels nxt time then, thanks for your recommendation.
This morning I've just order Celeb nudy violet and puffy 3 tone grey..hope they look great on me :P

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