Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Breakfast and lunch at Hotel Haikou, Haikou

During our stay in Hotel Haikou, we will gather at 椰风堂海南菜馆 (Ye Feng Tang Restaurant) on the 2nd floor for breakfast. Oh, the breakfast is not included in our hotel. The dimsum here is yum yummie. We've ordered alot of it, this is the advantage if you travelling with more people, then you get to taste different food. :)

This is my favourite since I've came here. Fish stomach!!! *droolszzz*

brinjal with something on it. haha i cant remember this.
This in chinese is call "Yu Peu"..Anyone knows the english name for it?
Oh! This is something new to me, never seen a bao is similiar to a mooncake. Yam and egg yolk, ooo i love egg yolks!

Purple bao.......what's inside??

Tadaaa!!!! Yam flavour.
Xiao Long bao. The size is bigger than the ones I've had in Malaysia. The fillings are full with pork meat and the skin is thin and not overly thick. Tasty! Funy thing is they don't offer us spoons, they expect us to put all-at-one-go in our mouth??!! At last my this little plate ended up with left over soup drip out from this bao.
This dimsum cost not more than 70rm. It's quite cheap judging from the food we order is quite alot.
Lunch time, me and my mom and grand aunt dine in another restaurant located at 1st floor. This beef with rice on lotus leaf, look at the amount of beef, huge portion too!! A little salty for me. I love this fried crispy pumpkin, something new again!! Sweet and tasty! :)) We love this so much. My grand aunt "ta pao" 2 dozens for our relatives and the kids. I only tasted 3 only... sob..

I feel that eating in Hainan, the food is reasonably cheap sually is quite up to taste and appetizing. MSG level average, not too much.

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