Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nanshan temple in Sanya, Hainan

2nd day in Sanya, rains. I love the rain, it was so very hot in Haikou few days before. At least it cools down a little. Today our next destination is to visit Nanshan Temple. These are some pictures took on the way up to the temple. Very picturesque landscape.

If you travel to Sanya, you wont wanan miss this temple - 南山寺 Nanshan Temple(south mountain). It is a huge area, consist of several temples and a vegetarian restaurant, and the infamous Golden-Jade Kwan Yin statue on the sea. It overlooks the vast South China Sea.

Another highlight is the "long live stone". There's a chinese proverb we used to say "福如东海长流水,寿比南山不老松". Direct translation - "Blessings as boundless as the West Sea; Longevity as enduring as the Southern Mountains". In fact in Nan shan, there are many old people who lives more than 100 yrs old there. Perhaps the weather, food and water are one of the factor for their longevity.

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