Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sanya Yalong bay - Hawaii of China.

Sanya has the most beautiful beaches in China. The one I have been to is Yalong bay, very near Sheraton Hotel, "the official resort of Miss World" for 3 consecutive years. The tour guide told us that in the month of December, has the most visitors and also the beauties of Miss World arrive here to join the contest. So guys, if you wanan see international beauties, you know which month to go, also to enjoy the sun and sea.

I have to admit the beach water is so very crystal-clear and unpolluted sea. It's been a long time i haven't seen such sea color - turqoise, especially at a popular beach. I do hope in few years time, the condition still remain the same. Maybe in future more tourist wanan explore Sanya, it will bcome so popular everyone will come here for vacation since Air Asia flies to Hainan.

So fortunate that we get to see the sudden "performance" of the flying fishes near the beach. They all flew up above the water all together and drop into the water, create an "applause-like" sound. Amazing!!! They are probably hundres of flying fish in the water, you can see it clearly above the bridge where we walk over to take the boat to the outer sea. The size of the fish is kinda like garupa size.

The boat we sat took us to the middle of sea and drop us to a larger boat which which you get to go down the deck to sit and look outside the glass window to see the fishes. So the deck is under the sea surface, I was feeling nausea when the boat jst left hanging on the sea. It was kind of disappointing as we expect to see more variety of fishes.

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