Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tian Tian Seafood Restaurant 天天渔港, Haikou.

Dinner at Tian Tian seafood restaurant. This restaurant is huge, there's an outdoor seating (more seats) and indoor seating. Inside the restaurant, near the entrance, you could choose the seafood which you like them to cook. You can even find crocodile (below pic) meat here!! One of the famous seafood is xiangba mussel 象拔蚌, very huge mussel.

Our first dish arrived on the table - soft shell crab. Not too oily. Not much difference from ours.

Next is one of my favourite - Hainan rice noodle. It is cooked with peanuts and some eggs, veges, soya sauce with a little sour hint. Love this. I wonder where to find this dish in Malaysia.

This is the xiangba mussel cook with vege. Smooth texture and delicous!

Definitely a MUST TRY this tasty porridge with some xiangba mussel and fish stomach.

Kailan with ice on it, this is something odd to me. The kailan is boiled and easy to chew on, but is icy. You suppose to dip the kailan with wasabi served with the dish. After dipping the wasabi, its spicy taste. I don't favour this dish. Weird taste.

Crispy duck, quite tasty but very oily.

I love this dish, pork, cant remember which part of it. Very delicious and "unhealthy". haha
Oh I don't like the smell of this - small mussels cook with bamboo shoots. The smell is so strong, it stinks like the ones I have eaten in some chinese restaurants in London.

Forgot the name of the soup, it has very small baby mushrooms in it. Sorry..cant remember what is in the soup. :(


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