Thursday, August 28, 2008

My recent Hainan trip.

Hainan island, in chinese (Hainan Dao), located at the southest part of China. It's is my dearest mom's and grand-aunt birth place. This trip is organised by my uncle. We have 8 adults and 5 kids going on board to Hainan. My first time travel with such a big group of relatives and friends. It was a good experience.

We board with Air Asia plane to Haikou airport, suprised to find that the airport is quite small. Took a airport bus to Haikou Hotel to check-in. This is a 3 star business hotel, which locate inside the shopping centre at the heart of the city. Their lobby is locate on 2nd floor, check out the ceiling, decorate with bamboo sheets. Our hotel room beds is very comfy, with good mattress!! Clean toilet with no bath tubs but shower room. I'm pleased.

This is the view from our hotel balcony. Notice there's a garden lake on the opposite side.

There are many shops and malls along the hotel. Very convenient way to shop around, but the weather was horribly hot and walking under the sun makes you sweat like a pig. I saw everyone carrying an umbrella under the hot sun, hence i bought one too. End up each of us has one, the umbrellas here are very colorful with floral print.

First 3 days, we stayed and tour Haikou, which is the capital of Hainan. Haikou city and buildings and roads are like bangkok. No big, widen roads can be seen here on city centre and no bumpy roads. :) You only see bumpy roads when you visit the outskirt or village area. Their highways are wide. Siting in a taxi here would be quite "exciting", as the drivers drive from one lane to the opposite lane. It's madness, but here is better than Hanoi taxi drivers.

Along the hotel, it has many shop lots selling apparels. Most of shops has sales, probably Olympic season. I bought a skirt for 20rmb, and a blouse for 10rmb. Very cheap indeed after discounts. We went to this small complex call 第一 场 (Di Yi Guang Chang) to buy some cloth. This complex has 2 floors. first floor sells mostly curtains, and second floor - cloths. After we bought the cloth, we took it to tailor made. There's a row of tailors and fabric shop next to the complex. Along the shops, it looks like 新街 (San Kai) or some old streets in Penang. I did a Cheongsam dress for myself, the cost of the cloth and tailor made only cost not more than 100rm!! Is very cheap!! :)) I would recommend anyone who visit China, should get your clothes tailor made.

If you stroll along the street before reaching Di Yi Guang Chang, you will see alot of shops selling kitchenwares, stationaries, chinese festive accessories, herbs and tea, chinese musical instruments and even pets!! Over here, you can bargain the price if you by more.

There are too many malls along the main road!! We don't have time to walk this street call Jie Fang Xi Lu. When we took a taxi, we past one of the lane where a stretch of shoe shops!! Which makes our eyes pop! We're just too tired to shop anymore. I guess Haikou is a shopping city too!


Miu said...

wow your trip is so interesting...
so much food pics and the landscape, i like it very much.

so pity the puppy :((

bought any squirel??

got somore stories??

Squirrelicious said...

Thanks miu!!! just some memories on the trip to share heheh. Why pity the puppy for sale la. It will find a loving owner. :))

Stories the process haha .

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