Sunday, September 5, 2010

Terrace @ Hock Choon Revisited

Continue from last post. After lunch at Cafe Vienna, we headed to Terrace @ Hock Choon. Since i have promised to bring my besties to this awesome cool place. Believe me or not, those have came here before, love this unpretentious place immediately and it's floor to ceiling glass window!

Tea time!!
illy Cafe @ Hock Choon.

Greco Originale RM13
1 shot of illy Espresso with liquid cream & topped with cocoa powder

Peppermint Cool Chocolate RM13
Hot chocolate topped with crushed peppermint leaves
Minty cool taste blend with chocolate!

Dinner time!

Tempura Chirasi Sushi Set RM35
Prawn, Fish, Vegetable Tempura & Chirasi Sushi (different kinds of raw fish on sushi rice)
This set is served with cawanmushi, miso soup and salad.

Chirasi Sushi
We dig the japanese rice coz it's sticky and has the sake flavour in it. Not many japanese restaurant serve the rice as good as this. The assorted sushi on top are fresh too!

Silky smooth cawanmushi with lemon peel on top.

Miso Soup

Kake 'Inaniwa' Ramen RM22
Inaniwa Ramen served with spring onion, and yummie soup base.

We had a very fulfilling tea time and dinner @ illy cafe, Terrace. The Japanese food is sent from the kitchen of Fukuharu restaurant to illy Cafe just a few steps away. We will definitely come back again to try other dishes!

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