Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shou Xin Fang - Taiwanese Mooncake with Mochi and Jellies

Earlier I spotted Shou Xin Fang cute little mochi mooncakes appeared in Isetan newsletter August Issue. I was desperate in wanting to try them, since it's gona be different from the traditional mooncakes that we usually had. The mochis and mooncakes was selling pretty expensive in Isetan. You can check the prices here. For the below box of mix mooncakes with mochi and jellies, cost about RM53, now Buy 1 box Free 1 box in Jusco in One Utama!! Not sure the other outlet having the same promo, but today I was at One Utama to catch the movie preview "Wall Street". Before going into the cinema, I grabbed 2 boxes, and free another 2 boxes. One box only RM25. There are other bigger box with different price also having the same promotion. If you want to buy this, hurry to the stall to grab them, as mooncake festival gonna end tomorrow hence the clearance.

Moonlight Mooncake
  • Red bean chestnut
  • Brown rice green tea
  • Traditional pure mochi-Pomelo
  • Chocolate Rice Ball - Peanut
  • Agar Konjac Jelly - Green Plum and Sakura
Agar Konjac Jelly - Sakura
Saw the Sakura flower is inside the jelly! What a pretty site lookin from the packaging, like a flower trapped inside a crystal ball. Taste sweet with flower fragrance smell.

Agar Konjac Jelly - Green Plum

Chocolate Rice Ball - Peanut
I love this, chocolate on the outside, in the middle part it filled with smooth peanut paste! Yummie!

Traditional pure mochi - Pomelo
This is as chewy as a mashmallow! Taste like candy.
Will update more, only eaten this 3.
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