Monday, September 27, 2010

Kinokuniya Japanese Mags for this month!

This month Kinokuniya Japanese magazines section stock up some new magazines with more goodies!! The price range of this magazines are from around RM50 to RM90. I only remember to took pics of the magazines but forgotten to take down their prices.

Can Can Magazine

Mercury Duo
Free a tote bag, the outer and inner bag has a different design.

Gelato Pique
Free a tote bag with patches design. Nice!

Kitson magazine

Mary Quant magazine
The free tote bag is so prettieee and i love it but didnt buy. :((

Hysteria Mini 2010 autumn/winter magazine
Free 2 bags!

Japanese Magazine - Jill Stuart RM75.40
Free a lovely Jill Stuart cosmetic pouch! (Screamsssss)
Love at first sight, I hav to buy it.
So in future I can store my Jill Stuart makeup stash. ;)

Good material and zipper, and love the cute ribbon accessories that comes along with it.

Vogue chinese magazine - RM38
2 free gifts- For Beloved One cleansing fluid and moisture lotion.
My frend bought this last copy, she told me that this brand For Beloved One is very famous in Korea, especially their face mask.


Jessying said...

jill stuart pouch is pretty!!

sometimes going kino is like going for shopping for bags!

Doroshi said...

Jess: LOL Well said, goin to kino is like goin to shop for bags hahahahahh

Actually I try to check out whether they hav japanese beauty section, but don't have. :( If they hav Japanese beauty books magazines, wahh got free skincare kit bestnya!

Jennifer :) ~ said...

aw love the jill stuart cosmetics pouch!

Doroshi said...

Jennifer: Yes, Love at first sight!!! Awww....must Buy! :))
So hopefully next time when i get the famous Jill Stuart blusher it will be store in this pouch! LOL

March ♥ said...

hi...nice to meet u.
may i know where do u get the magazine?
thanks :)

Doroshi said...

Hi March!
These magazines can be bought from Kinokuniya, KLCC :) But you might not find this issues anymore, coz new ones coming out.

March ♥ said...

oh ya.... thanks ya.
will go to klcc find :)

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