Monday, September 13, 2010

Some Cute Japanese magazines in Kinokuniya!

Yesterday I was at KLCC, the traffic on the road is amazingly car-less!
My favourite place in KLCC which is the Kinokuniya, and in there my favourite section is the Japanese magazine section! Why?? The free gifts comes with the magazines are so PRETTY and it's limited edition!

You gals might wanna get your hands on this magazine which comes with a FREE bag!

Tsumori Chisato 20th Anniversary edition RM66.70
The bling bling star design on the outer bag is so chic and the material of the bag is pretty good! Checked them out at the display counter.

Rilakkuma (RM69.60)
The magazine comes with a FREE tote bag with Rilakkuma cute designs and a mini Rilakkuma bear accessory. So Kawaiii!

I was on a budget, since I spent alot of money on books...will blog about that soon. Too many book sales happening this month! :((
So I only bought this In Red Magazine RM49.70, if you purchase one more item, you entitle 20% off on this magazine! Oh, if you have Isetan card, you can flash it to them to entitle additional 5% discount! The cashier asked me whether I have Isetan card, so I showed her. Out of curiosity, I asked her why she need to see my Isetan card, she explain the additional discount. Cool! :))

In Red comes with 2 free Marc Jacob pouches!! A coin pouch and make-up pouch! Love the design!
Check out the zipper, not some cheapskate zipper. :)


Jennifer :) ~ said...

wow they're such awesome freebies with the magazines! love the marc jacobs coin pouch :)

Doroshi said...

Yes yes!!
Quickly go grab it soon before it finishes. :)

irene said...

Hi, can ask u this purse zipper is made from metal or plastic? Thanks.

Doroshi said...

Hi Irene, the zipper is made of metal :)

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