Saturday, April 30, 2011

One of the Best Thing About Birthdays : Cakes and Presents!

Thank you all my dear frens for celebrating with me! Love you all and thanks for all the lovely wishes and presents! I love them all! ;)

Yummy delicious cakes!!! 

 My first sports attire! Hope I will make use of tis :)

 Thomas Sabo - Paris Eiffel charm!

Ribbon belt to "slimify" my waist!

Heated eyelash curler! Woah forget abt falsies, am gonna have no-stick-on curly doll lashes soon!

 A purse for me to keep MORE $, ¥, €, £, RM!!

Swarovski  limited edition of Alice's key pendant necklace! Alice in Wonderland fever has not died down! :)
You babes still remember my craze over Alice! 

A cute phone - Sony Spiro to replace my broken phone! :) 


Missy Doroshi

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