Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lancome UV Expert Bright Eyes SPF 50 PA+++ BB Base

"Do you know the skin around our eyes is different from the rest of the face? Skincare experts always recommend the use of specific serum or cream for the skin around the eye; but what about sun protection for this most delicate skin?"
I was lucky to receive an invitation to attend Lancome product review session on their latest product - Lancome UV Expert Bright Eyes SPF 50 PA+++ BB Base!  This is their first mineral Eye BB Base formulated by Lancome UV Science and BB expertise for optimal tolerance and ultimate eye perfection. 
It offers an instant brightening and beautifying "Blemish Balm" result, effectively conceal the imperfections and dark circles.

The formula of Lancome UV Expert Bright Eye SPF 50 PA +++
  • lightweight texture
  • high power
  • mineral sunscreen with optimal eye contour tolerance.

Zamri, Lancome Design Artist applied Lancome UV Expert Bright Eyes on one side of my face. See the difference??

 Dark circles are women's nightmare, am not sure about you, but I am definitely one. Besides, we woman expresses ourselves through our eyes and the people usually say "Eyes are like the windows to your soul". Therefore we need to take special care to make them more expressive and beautiful. 

 How do i look now?
I look so fresh and visibly radiant looking on my eyes area which i thought my eyes sparkled too!! :) 
(photo without touch up)

Things that I concern about are uneven tone on the eye area, dark circles and dark spots due to sun exposure, and signs of aging - the appearance of crow's feet. Now Lancome UV Expert Bright Eyes could re-lightened eye contour by provide a good camouflage, preserved from premature aging and brown spots from re-occurring. Best of all, I love the texture!! It's super light as a feather! No more thick concealer cream which makes my under eye  looks cakey and oily which later produce oil seeds under my eyes. I usually loathe concealers that fails to conceal my dark circle. The above picture already put my current concealer to shame seriously. This definitely will be in my list of top 10 -things-in-women's bag, its easy to use as touch up or as eye makeup BB base. The retail price is RM125 for 15ml.

Method to apply UV Expert Bright Eyes:

After step 5, topped off with brushing your loose powder over it for a finished look.

 Me and Fatin lookin' effortlessly flawless here under the hands of Zamri! :)     

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