Friday, January 14, 2011

Garnier Body NutriRepair Repairing Milk Lotion Review

Garnier just launched their latest , all-new body lotion! It's the new Garnier Body NutriRepair Repairing Milk Lotion! I am very glad that I get the chance to review this. Thanks to Loreal company!

What's so special of this lotion?
  • It consists of moisturising properties, fortified with Mango Extract, a natural emollient rich in essential nutrients that deeply nourishes and hydrates your skin.
  • Another effective ingredient - L-Bifidus known as probiotics. L-Bifidus is obtained from a bacteria of the species bifidobacterium longum, which after being processed works on skin to prevent hypersensitivity and dryness while building up skin's barrier function ands strengthening it. Therefore, it helps to lock moisture in your skin for a longer time.
  • Moisture and protects your skin at just one application. It 'feed's skin with essential nutreitns it needs to renew and regenerate with, giving you not only comfortable skin that lasts through the hours, at the same time repair rough and dry skin conditions.
My experience:

Applied arnier Body NutriRepair Repairing Milk Lotion on my right leg. My legs are usually dry and rough, as I didnt take proper care of them. :(

After application: Skin surface turns smooth and extremely soft and looking radiant and healthy. No more rough skin (the left leg you can see rough skin texture) and non-greasy at all. Personally, I don't favor body lotion that has a greasy after-feel, it will make me feeling uncomfortable all day long. But this type of texture leave my skin feeling great all day! So this will be in my 'keep' list! :)

Garnier Body NutriRepair Repairing Milk Lotion is available in January 2011 at all major hypermarkets, pharmacies and retail outlets for only RM9.90 -120ml. , RM16.90 - 250ml and RM21.90 for 400ml. Get your bottle today to start caring your precious skin!


Isabel said...

Oh wonder if I can use this lol So far only Palmer's cocoa butter body lotion has worked for me.

Doroshi said...

ohh palmer's too oily for my liking though, but the smell is yummilicous la haha. U can sample them in the pharmacies n see whether u suits u or not.

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