Monday, January 3, 2011

Evian by Issey Miyake

A random post here, found this cute glass bottle in Jaya Grocer yesterday. Evian - Issey Miyake limit edition mineral water bottle! Each year evian introduces a new limited edition collector series of bottles. Last year was the Paul Smith Collection. This, the latest Evian bottle decorated by Japanese fashion design Issey Miyake, , with a flower inspired by his innovative pleated clothes.

Evian® and MIYAKE DESIGN STUDIO designed a pure bottle, glowing with both optimism and freshness. They turn the end of the year tables into a flower field, full of poetry and humor. This bottle will exist in two versions, one of them sold exclusively at ISSEY MIYAKE shops.

Close-up pic of the bottle. Jaya Grocer selling at RM21. 90

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