Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to Europe - Cafe Vienna

Recently, I've came acrossed Fatin's blog review on desserts in Cafe Vienna.
Took the opportunity to drop by Lot10 after shopping at Pavilion.
Fell in love with the cafe at first sight!
Further reading, you will see more of pictures taken inside of the Cafe. :P
The interior of the cafe is beautiful and classical music at the background, creates the European ambience in Cafe Vienna.

My table was right infront of the dessert counter. This is a killer to me!! The desserts are calling me!! arghh...

Notice there are different dining furniture. The one I seated was Al-fresco dining style with a classic Michael Thonet chairs with marble tabletops.

Towards the back of Cafe Vienna, a more cosy corner. Big comfort vintage sofa and lounge plush chair, looks so comforting. Unfortunately that table already reserved. Next time if I[m coming with a group of gals, definitely will take that corner, so we can kick off our heels and gossip and sipping teas n munching desserts. Bliss!!

Modern and stylish dining chairs on the other side of the Cafe. Love the paintings on the walls. Very classical paintings, reminds me my university days reading and analysing art from the classical and romantic era.

Another of my favourite, vintage clocks!!! Classic collections!

Check out the mirror reflection on the ceiling. There is a real piano there with no pianist yet. Heard they were lookin for a pianist. Hopefully by then we get to hear classical pieces 'live'.

Nice chandeliers.
The food is resonably priced, served European cuisine, classic coffees, homemade desserts and pastries.

I ordered a Kaese Spaetzle (Cheese with Austrian noodles) - RM29.50
Spatzle served with sauteed onions, mushrooms, parsley, turkey ham, gruyere cheese and a touch of cream.
This is So GOOD! The mushrooms were very fresh a nd smells superbly good! Seriously, I hardly tasted any mushrooms that smells as good as this. Everything blends perfectly, and am happy that the cream is not too thick.

Cheese Strudels - RM16.80
Flaky crust filled with ricotta cheese, lemon, raisin and served with vanilla sauce. This is served warm and its rich in texture. Actually I cant finish eating this, since both dishes i order are CHEESE!! How could i resist them??!! I can't even walked after consuming all the food.

Weiner Eiskaffee (Vanilla ice coffee) -RM16
- double mocha served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream topping.

Cappuccino - RM10.50

Will definitely come back to try the Chicken Schnitzel and other desserts.

Cafe Vienna
No 23 - 25,2nd Floor,
Lot 10 Shopping Centre
Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 603-21417858 / 603-21419900
Opens daily: 10am -10pm

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