Monday, July 26, 2010

A Shu Uemura fan now!

Few weeks ago, dropped by Shu Uemura counter after the Salabianca event@ Pavilion, to get my brow some trimming and styling. Since Tammy done hers in Shu, am curious to try too. Katherine, the Shue boutique manager trim n style my brows, she is a pro! And there I've became a Shu member.

I bought a Hard formula 9 eye brow pencil (RM65), which looks different from normal eye brow pencil. The tip is flat! The tip use it slantly to draw the tail of the brow, hold it straight and flat to color the front half of the brow. Very easy to use, I would say easier than angle brush with eye shadow (that's my previous way of drawin my brows). I've also bought a blusher -M Pink 30 (RM82) and an eye lash curler (RM60). My frend Crystal bought a UV mousse base and a pair of falsies. Hers added to my bill accumulate to more than RM250, enable me to become a Shu member. Yippee!

Shu Uemura hard formula eye brow pencil, unique! :)
The price for tis pretty steep, but it gona last for a very long time, coz is a long eyebrow pencil. When the tip is shorten, bring this back any Shu outlet for them to sharpen for you FOC.
The color of tis eyebrow pencil doesnt show much or anything at all when you draw on your back of your hand, but it does come out on your eye brow, the formula mix with the oils on your brow result a natural and soft-looking eyebrows. Amazing!

Priviledges you get when you become a Shu fanatics/member! Only can claim the services from the same outlet :)


Jean said...

eh.. i'm member but how come dun have all those benefit geh?

Doroshi said...

first time become member dun hav? I bought in pavillion wor.

Jean said...

my first time purchase is when I attend the Cat Party last year.. bought RM300 like tat to get the mini pouch maa..

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