Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's roasting in Empire Gallery??

Yesterday, when I was doing some grocery shopping inside Jaya Grocer, Empire. See what I've found?? Four Seasons restaurant gona open in Empire Gallery!! The famous roast duck that i like so much and visited several times when i was in London, is finally here!!! Their roast duck is the juiciest and yummiest that i've ever tasted...Am still could remember the long que to wait for tables to dine there!! Those good memories..and i hope this one taste as good as the one in London. Four Seasons actually has its first branch in Capsquare, but i havent visit them yet. Am gonna wait for this patiently...till they open. :)

Left: Pavlova (around RM14) frm Serai, Empire Gallery.
Right: Pavlova (around RM15)frm Alexis, Gardens.

On a different note, I have bought a slice of Pavlova from Serai @ Empire Gallery that day. The texture is quite differ from the one i had in Alexis Gardens. The Pavlova served in Alexis Gardens have more airy meringue texture. Whereas the one i bought from Serai, not much airy texture, with the middle part has spongy texture in between. Both taste good, depends on which texture you prefer.


taufulou said...

uh uh..the pavlova look so tempting!

Doroshi said...

YEs is yummie!
Try and tell me ur feedback. :)

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