Thursday, April 2, 2009

Makan-makan in Seremban & Melacca!

One of the weekday, me and my colleagues plan for a day trip makan-makan at Seremban and Melacca.

We left around 8am in the morning from Subang. The sun was not up yet, we with our sleepy eyes heading to the 1st destination - Seremban with the guidance of Gamin - our trustable "talking" road map. The journey was a successful one, as Gamin did not failed us by bringing us to elsewhere we arrive safely at Pasar Besar Seremban.

Here its infamous stall - Sin Yee Kee beef noodle!
One bowl only cost around RM6 plus. 3 of us ordered the thick noodle and take a look at the beefs are so tender and alot!! They taste good and fresh! Definitely worth the money.
Another frend order the bee hun beef noodle soup. usually the person who reject beef balls, coz most of the time the beef balls are kinda hard, this one is exceptional. The beef balls here are like fish balls, not too chewy and fresh.

After taking our beef noodle breakfast. Time to leave and headin to Melacca!! We arrive at Jonker street, "Gu Cheng chicken rice ball " shop. This shop is quite famous, if you do watch those chinese new year mtv, where alot of people singing tat famous "Ta tuan yuan" song. The mtv is taken here in this shop.

We are here to taste the cendol, not the chicken rice. :) The cendol here is delicious, not too sweet and not too bland.

Time for lunch! We went over to Ho Kee chicken rice shop. There were alot of people queing up to get in. Thank goodness we arrived before the crowd take place.

The chicken rice ball were hot and nice, the chicken well is kinda not bad. We have taste better once though. We order half chicken as the teenager guy waiter recommended us. Then we realised that the same waiter recommended others to take half chicken too. Hmmm....

After havin heavy meals accumulate from morning. We stroll along jonker street and I've purchased a batik cheongsam from Mei Hua trading shop. There have loads of cheongsams, well equiped than the ones in KL. Plenty of variety and price is definitely cheaper than KL.
We drove out from jonker street to this shop which sells loads of variety of biscuits/cookies. The shop name call Yong Sheng, a huge biscuits shops which sells stuff like mochi, lou por peng, tou sar peng....I bought their famous n best seller biscuit - Egg Yolk pies. Inside the egg yolk is HUGE! Is bigger than the one u see in mooncake. They also mention their egg yolk is chosen from the best ones to make. The egg yolk pies quite expensive, but i guess is worth the money.
Next, we supposed to have our early dinner at a nyonya place, but is not open. So we decided to try Peranakan restaurant, unfortunately not open too. We head back to Jonker street again!
This time we had our dinner at Jonker 88, we tried the cendol, it was not nice compare to the one we had. It was too sweet for me. The ingredients, beans not sufficient.
We ordered a nyonya nasi lemak set for 2 ppl. Comes with a salad and curry dao fu pok. Topped with baba curry laksa, and nyonya asam laksa. My first time tasted baba curry laksa, now is my favourite. Love the taste.

Overall this trip on food alone, we spend less than 50rm!! This is a one day 5 meals - less than 50rm! Isnt that great?
Oh the 5th meal, i didnt take pics. We had dimsum at Yuen Garden Dim Sum for supper. They serve very good dim sum. Is the best in puchong and Subang. So thats make the 5th meal! :) Now am lookin forward to our ipoh makan-makan trip few months later!


plain.jane said...

omg ... i'm fr sban. the beef noodle is awesome possum ;)

Squirrelicious said...

yup indeed yummy!!!

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