Thursday, April 2, 2009

Acca Kappa brush craze.

Last week I came across this shop Acca Kappa in 1utama, new wing, in between La senza and xixili shop. From first appearance, is a beauty and bath shop. It sells gorgeous luxurious different flowers type of fragrance of soaps, body shampoos, lotions, hand creams, shampoos etc. On my 2nd visit, then i got to know their best seller is their magical hair brushes and combs. Amazingly, when i use their brush on my hair, Voila! My hair is so easy to comb thru and is very light n smooth then. Usually my hair after brush also will have frizzy and tangle up too. This time my hair seems like after a blowdry. The sales assistant pointed at the brush that got no droppin of hair in the brush. Coz the brush is good it dun grip ur hair when u comb and its antistatic too. The SA also told me not to comb my hair while its wet, it will pulled the hair even more, should wait till its half dry. A very good tip.

Now, my first ever most expsive brush - a pneumatic 353. (RM120)
Use of Kotibe wood, can last till 25 yrs. Natural rubber cushion. Round ended tips for delicate massage of the scalp for stimulate micro circulation.

This one for my mom: pneumatic 941. (RM180) This is their best seller. Use of boar hair. So sorry to the Muslim that they cant use this. It's made of large quantity of tufts in pure boar, pure boar and nylon, nylon with rounded tips. Designed so that every individual tuft penetrates through the hair to the scalp. The large quantity of tufts ensure that the scalp is stimulated whilst the hair shaft is polished. The specific shape of the natural rubber cushion allows the pressure to be absorbed and distributed evenly on the whole brush with a more delicate action on the hair and the scalp. An anti-static brush ideal for medium/long hairdressing.

The SA told me that they have promotion now, purchase RM150 products, a free soap (worth RM40). Or purchase RM300 products, free a set of soap, body lotion, and body shampoo (worth RM190). Term: Hair brushes doesnt count, u need to buy at least ONE spa products to able to get the free gift. Like my case, my hair brushes total RM280, but i wont entitle a free soap. I need to get ONE spa product. So I get a White Moss soap. Total damage: RM340

Now am entitle for the free set which worth (RM190) Yay, am so lookin forward on gettin the Rose set since my 1st visit. Now my wish comes true. :)

Their bizness philosophy: manufacture products for today that last for the future. So i guess the brushes will serve me a long time! Again, am lookin forward to get their big paddle brush. :P Oh i mst share this with u babes, the hair serum also one of their best seller. The hair serum was one of their best seller, and always goes out of stock and if you wanan purchase you're gona be in the waiting list.

One interesting fact from Acca Kappa. They were the official brush supplier to Queen Elizabeth and the royal family. Now you'll find their exclusive White Moss collection in any Four Seasons suite. Which is if i get to stayed there...

*Disclaimer: am sharing this based on my experience. I declares that I have not received any monetary/benefts compensation from this place for writing the review.


Miu said...

their hair brush so good? but kinda expensive! my hair is frizzy & drops a lot bcoz of combing. I heard another shop at 1u also selling good brushes made of duno what wood. Also quite pricey. I'm intrigue by your post! if got time i go check it out. Thanks babe

Leo said...

Thanks for the support Doroshi. Join the Acca Kappa Malaysia Facebook Fan page for latest updates and promotions!

While you're at it, check out Che Che New York Malaysia and H5 too!

Abby said...

Ooo...I love their stuff! Their body brush is good! Makes me feel all tingly!

Doroshi said...

Yup, i am using their air brush, ohh thats my latest purchase...i should post up soon hehe :)That makes ur hair volumize.

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