Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dinner @ Pick and Brew, One Utama

Last Saturday, after watching Batman in GSC in One Utama. We head to Pick and Brew to for dinner before another movie starts at 7pm.

When first seated at the restaurant, already love the atmosphere and ambience. A hint of japanese style with warm lights and floral print lamps. I was sitting next to the window, on my right, is the view of the brown river and LDP. Not really a pleasant view.

We spotted the set dinner cost around Rm32+, include soup of the day which is the pumpkin soup and one main course which you can choose from, and a cup of coffee. Quite a good deal. The set meal actually starts around 6pm, but the waitress is very helpful and kind enough to let us order them.

The pumpkin soup came! Deliciously thick pumpkin soup but not starchy or too salty, and good for health! :) Just got to know from the waitress that all the food are freshly made. No wonder it taste so good. I find the vinegar bottle very cute!

My main course Moussaka, baked aubergines and minced mutton cooked with cheese sauce.
Tadaa!! The mince mutton hidden underneath the aubergines and
cheese. I'm a cheese lover, and the aroma and taste is
superb. The mutton covered with cheese sauce blend nicely and not too salty.
My frend order the main course from the set
dinner selection. Sorry, forgot the exact title. Think is lamb with some rice.
The meat is tender and juicy, but my dish is better. haha

After a satisfying main course, I savour every sip of my rose tea. Not the typical rose tea that you only see the tea bag, this one has pure rose buds soaked in tea pot. I like the smell of it, not too pungent, yet light fragrant smell and smooth texture.

Lastly, our deliciously sinful dessert Chocolate Parfait. 4 walls of thin choc at the outer part, the inside consist of rich choc mousse. Top with breadsticks and some strawberries and blueberries. Love the outlook and the taste of it. Thumbs up!
What a satisfying dinner, from the sight and taste. The sight of the presentation of the meal immediately captures your attention. The smell of the appetizing aroma enough to savour it. I would definitely come back here for more! The overall bill is around 83rm for 2 person. I find the price reasonable for such good quality food. I would definitely come back here for more!
Pick n Brew
F233, First flr Promenade,
1 Utama Shopping Centre.
Tel: 03- 77260102


Miu said...

omg... glorious food...glorious!!
i'll go try it out thanks for the pics, awesome! now i know what to order first...

Squirrelicious said...

Hehe cool. Try other stuff to and take pics, would like to see more. :)

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