Friday, May 20, 2011

明洞餃子 (Myeong-dong Gyoza) @ Seoul

 If you are in Myeong-dong, you wouldn't wanna miss this place.

 A popular place where locals and backpackers go to.

 Belif or not, I actually was finding this shop and when I saw the queue in front of a shop, and then i looked up to see the name of the shop, only to realise this is what I have been searching for! In Korea, if you see there's people queue infront of a restaurant means the food is good and worth to que!! Follow this rule, you won't go wrong.

We queued about 20-25 mins to get a table. Not tat long actually, becoz most Koreans they will straight away leave after eating. That's the culture difference, we Malaysians like to chit chat and hang around in the restaurant after eating. 

 The menu is very limited, we ordered 3 dishes! This is Kongguksu (8,000 won) - chilled soya milk noodle soup. A cold soya milk soup with noodles, cucumbers, sesame seeds, pretty interesting to me! I kinda like it, subtle sesame seed frgrant and smooth texture green noodles.

 Gyoza, I think they call it Mandoo (8,000 won), must order this, famous dish here. It looks like siu long pao, but it's HUGE! Outer layer skin is pretty thin and the fillings are alot. After eating this, my tummy feels like it's gonna explode!

 Calguksu (8,000 won) - knife cut noodles. I think tis is their type of ramen. I can't finished them, the noodles are just too much! Among the 3 dishes, this is my least favourite, the taste rather bland.

 There's 2 branches here, both on the same road, both located at both ends of the street. The one I went is at the upper street, which has Woori bank at the corner.

Direction: Myeong-dong station, exit 7. The upper street branch located next to H&M outlet. The other branch located near Watson.

Address:  25-2, 2-ka Myoung-dong, Chung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: 02-776-5348

Along the same street, you will spot this ice-cream stall selling  big size, tall ice-cream and crowds que-ing infront of the stall. You might wanna try them. :)   

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