Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2nd visit to Uniqlo @ Fahrenheit 88, KL

My 2nd visit to Uniqlo, on the 3rd day after the grand opening. It was a Sunday morning around 10am. I thought there will be no queues, as we thought people won't wake up so early to queue for shopping at such ungodly hour. Damn...we were So Wrong about this. When we reach the entrance of Uniqlo, the queue has reached the entrance of Fahrenheit 88!!! My expression was: WHAT???? Queue again????

The queue reached the entrance of the mall.

20 minutes later, the queue extended to inside of the mall.

Slightly after 11am, our turn to get into the shop! Yay! When I reached the entrace of Uniqlo, there is another queue formed! We had to queue to validate our vouchers printed online. I was confused, it didn't happened one the first day, but why now???

The voucher need to print in full only valid. Half printed not valid. They will also checked your IC and your vouchers email. So vouchers are not transferable. I guessed the management now realised one can print duplicate vouchers to use many times. I remembered on their opening day, cashiers just took your voucher and stamped them and keep them. They didn't check the serial number of the voucher you used.

The people who worked at this counter here are quite impolite and not-well- informed. One of them told me that I can't use all the vouchers at once. Ya, that I know. He said that I need to queue again for each vouchers I used. @_@ Are you kidding me? I ignored him and continue to my shopping.

Long cotton pants - RM49.90 promo price. I love this cotton pants, very comfy material only at RM49.90.

Long sleeve premium cotton crew neck T @ RM39.90 each.
I thought this material would be hot, but it's pretty cooling becoz of the thin material but not transparent though. Good quality! 3 blouses for my mom.

RM39.90 each except the blue polo collar blouse @ RM79.90! I must have forgotten to look at the price. Anyway, my mom love the polo shirt most! She really have good eyes. haha

Bra padding camisole - RM49.90 promo price (ORP RM79.90)
This will come in handy if am going to wear a Zara white top, usually it's abit transparent or see through because of the thin material clothing.

Men anime t-shirt front view.

Back view of the t-shirt. Isn't it cute? Wish they have this for women t-shirt too!

Big fat cat anime men t-shirt. Nice!

The queue was not so bad as the first day, and NO I do not need to queue again and again when I need to use the vouchers. The person in charge of the queue told that I could use a single voucher for each transaction and pay for the next without the need of re-queing. It's just wasting time! Seriously, I think Uniqlo should improve their management, and there were complaints post up in their FB wall. We still waiting for them to clarify their terms but our questions were not answered.

Besides some unpleasantness, am still please with the good quality clothing Uniqlo offers with reasonable price.

Note: The vouchers can be used for promo and non-promo items on the 3rd day after opening. But a frend of mine went on the 4th day, the cashier told her that her vouchers can only use for promo items. The cashiers well not well informed on this again. Free alteration for pants/jeans if the pants/jeans is above RM50.


With Love, Elle said...

i was there last weekend, but i saw the queue, and i just shake my head lol no way i wanna waste all my time beratur to masuk n beratur to change then beratur to pay! niway hubby was giving me the look "dont u dare make me suffer" hahhahaha

xoxo elle

Doroshi said...

Elle: hahah u can go tis week coz i heard no more queues. funny ur hubby. Mine gila w me go in the wee hours of the morning on the first day. lol

Amy said...

I think it's difficult when opening a store on this scale to not have a few minor hiccups - it's just unfortunate that people had to be mucked around with their vouchers, rather than the problems lying behind the scenes. On the upside it looks as though you got some great bargains - I'd quite like to go to this store myself, it looks really impressive and I love the women's clothing from UNIQLO.

Doroshi said...

Hi Amy, yea i guess ur right. I am more impress with their guy's collection than the women clothing though. I love the guy's animation t-shirts and their selection of designs are more than ours, i do hope they bring in more of cool designs women clothings :)

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